Triop – 14 days old

Right now, my hubby & I fondly refer to the triop as ‘Rex’ (our grandson may rename him though). Rex is growing quickly (it’s probably partly because he ate all the fairy shrimp.) Rex may be full grown, depending on which website you read.

Yesterday, I managed to make an okay video of Rex swimming. It’s pretty neat that he/she actually looks like the 200 million year old fossil of it’s forefathers.

Rex’s a pretty neat critter. I’m happy it’s doing so well, so far.

Wishing you all a pleasant week!


8 thoughts on “Triop – 14 days old

  1. I had a cute “little” African frog in our aquarium. He was SO cute. The other fish started to disappear, and one day I heard a splash and looked quickly enough to see the tail of a male Swordfish protruding from the frog’s mouth. I’d never heard of triops. Always learning something new!

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    • Thanks Patti
      My goodness it sounds like your little froggy had himself a living buffet. Whatever happened to him?
      I had a little green turtle that I put in my sisters 10 gallon fish tank, he tried to eat a kuhli loach and it both of them died.
      The triops was new to me too. I didn’t realize you could grow them at home. It’s fun learning neat stuff.


      • Once the fish were gone, i had to drop the water level because he kept finding a way out! One day I found him under the kitchen table, with dog hair sticking to him. I finally gave him away.

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    • Thanks Barb
      He zoomed up in size so fast. I read that it isn’t unusual for triops to do that. He does look lonely, but at this stage in his life, Unfortunately he’d probably eat any newcomers to the tank.

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