Triop – 12 days old

I was sad that the triops (tadpole shrimp) didn’t hatch out. I haven’t tried my second ‘Smithsonian Prehistoric Sea Monster’ kit yet. I let the tank alone with the fairy shrimp and a couple Daphnia (water fleas) happily making it their home. I figure they have a short life span and require little or no attention. I checked on them everyday and noticed one of the shrimp hung around the bottom more than the others. I paid it little attention… until I noticed it was turning brown and was a real live triop!
I’m guessing it’s about 12 days old. It’s a fast little critter. I plan to transfer it to a larger tank when/if it grows larger.
I felt the need to try and video it, but it’s still tiny. It’s the little blurry critter swimming down at the first of the video and then running around the bottom of the tank.
I’m so happy that one lone triop hatched and survived (so far.) Cool!

Wishing you a Happy January 2nd 2015.

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