My Gardenitis is acting up

2-21-2015It’s still cold, but thankfully we’ve thawed out and had a couple rains. The ground is totally saturated. It’s still freezing and below temps though.  The past week of freezing cold damp weather made my gardenitis start acting up. There’s only one real cure and since I can’t cure it by actually working in the garden, I did the next best thing, I started some seed trays. I’ve chosen to use the large peat pellets this year.  Later on, I’ll start a few veggie seeds. I enjoyed working in the bit of soil and planting, but it’s not enough. Thankfully, I have some craft projects in the works to entertain me.

IMG_9222We want to have some colorful low maintenance perennials around our yard. We have fairly good luck with tuber/bulbs. So, we hit a sale and bought several day-lilies. We can hardly wait to plant them.

We’re anxiously waiting last frost so we can treat our gardenitis good-n-proper.
This is all the gardening news for now.

Here’s wishing you all a pleasant rest of the winter.

10 thoughts on “My Gardenitis is acting up

  1. I saw the same sign that Renee did! So cute – you have to wonder why no one coined that phrase before now. It will be while before my gardenitis starts up — it’s frozen!

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    • lol Dianna
      I have to agree, it’s a peach of a phrase and explains gardeners perfectly.
      I hope you thaw out soon. We’re thawed out (for the moment) and the ground is swampy now. It freezes back at night and then thaws during the day. Hopefully this goofy weather will even out soon. 🙂


  2. Love your choices! My garden-and blog-is pretty much on hold..maintenance only these days since I’ll be gone in 4 weeks! Heading to Europe and (if the visa is approved..I hear back next week) on to Moscow for May and then who knows? Life has changed dramatically in 6 months, but I’ve been working toward the good mental health that’s allowed all of this for about 5 yrs now. Slow road but worth it!

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