Garden Update – 7-21-2015

IMG_3692We’ve had some gorgeous weather in between storms. The land is green and lush. It’ll be sad to see it going to sleep for the winter. Meanwhile, the view of our yard is lovely and refreshing to enjoy.

IMG_3591Our garden has just about fizzled out. It’s scraggly and long past it’s quaint look. We’re still getting a few veggies though. We’ve enjoyed our garden being small. It’s been easier to take care of and has been less stress to worry about.

Since our garden was so small (and a buffet for deer and rabbits this year), I’m not going to be putting up much of anything in the freezer, except maybe a few peppers, onions and maybe squash.

Wishing you all a gorgeous week of mild weather.
Happy Gardening!

10 thoughts on “Garden Update – 7-21-2015

    • Thanks Laura
      Fences are a blessing to keep the critters out. We discussed putting one up, but we didn’t have the heart. f we wanted more produce, we’d have too though. 🙂


    • Thanks Dianna
      The veggies are mighty tasty. We had a storm yesterday and Monday. and we’re due to have scattered rains for a few days to go. Maybe some of it will float across the mountains and reach you all. 🙂


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