Outdoorsy Friday Five

P1010043I thought my rosemary was happy in the little blue pot, but I was wrong. It started looking puny, so I decided to re-pot it. It’s amazing how root-bound it was. The new pot that I transplanted it to is a big plastic bowl. I had my husband drill a half inch hole in the bottom for drainage. I made a large netting cover for it. I allowed for some grow room in the netting cover. My rosemary perked right up within a 24 hours, so now we wait for it to grow a bit more and then… maybe soon I’ll have a blog post about success in cooking with rosemary.
P1000928I’ve only 58 bell pepper plants now. A bird ate a half of one of the seedlings and the bare stem shriveled and died. One of My favorite bird deterrents is a rubber snake. I placed one across the containers and so far no more birds. 58 bell peppers is still over the top in numbers, hopefully they’ll be colorful and pretty and productive.
P1000948-0Remember my post about pin wheels and pie pans in the garden to deter deer… Well, apparently they work because nothing close to them has been bothered… however our carrot patch doesn’t have a deterrent around it and it got a deer-dance number done on it. We will be putting out some more pin wheels soon. Our carrots are super tiny and quite sparse, but we’re hoping to get at least one mess off them.
P1000965I’m happy to tell you that we’ve got a few green tomatoes on the vine. The tomatoes in the picture are husky cherry tomatoes. They’re dirty from the rain splashing mud on them, but they look wonderful to me. Now if Mother Nature will play nice, maybe in a month or two we’ll have fresh tomatoes.
5-11-2016-spiderAnd last but not least, the other day I set my camera on our patio table while I was opening the back door for Shelibean to go in the house..
My husband was sitting in a chair by the patio table. He said to me, “You’ve got to see this, there’s a spider trying to take a selfy with your camera.” I stepped around and saw it. ~shivers~ We had a good laugh about it.
I used my other camera to take a photo of the creepy yet humorous crawly to share with you.
(And then my husband knocked-it-off my camera to the porch floor with a fly swatter.)

I enjoyed sharing an Outdoorsy Friday Five with you.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

4 thoughts on “Outdoorsy Friday Five

  1. Wow, it’s amazing that you have tomatoes on the vine already. My tomato plants are currently sitting on the floor in my kitchen. We had frost last night so I brought them in. We should be past the frost-free date here soon, and then I will plant them in my garden.

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    • Thanks Sheryl
      I was tickled to see the new tomatoes. It seems quite early for them around here too. I’m hoping the critters and weather will play nice and they can ripen.
      I feel for you on the frost. We didn’t have a frost but we did have a cold snap. I think the cold is the residuals of blackberry winter and hopefully the end of it. The weather this time of year is so goofy.
      I wish you the best with your tomatoes and hope they produce many luscious fruit for you to enjoy. 🙂


  2. The rosemary is pretty and looks happy in its new home. I guess your carrots are pretty yummy! Funny about the peppers and the snake. I thought you were going to tell us a snake ate one, fooled me, I thought he was real, too! Love your hubby’s sense of humor and the spider selfie!

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    • Thanks Patti
      The rosemary is pretty and still living in the bowl and seems to have halted growing. I’m considering moving it out in the yard, It supposedly has a chance of being a perennial in our region.
      Our carrots haven’t matured yet. They’re slowly growing. Hopefully they’ll be tasty when they get big enough to harvest. I can hardly wait to see the colors.
      lol the snake is a good fooler for birds. And me too when I ain’t paying attention. lol
      Yep, my husband gave me a good chuckle with the spider-selfie. lol

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