Shields Up – garden update

IMG_8796Saturday night was forecast to be in the mid-30’s. To protect our lovely growing garden, we covered everything we could and hoped the rest would be okay.

Sure enough, it got super cold and in the low 30’s. We were glad we took the time to protect our plants.

Sunday morning, when it finally warmed up to 50°, we uncovered our garden. Our plants looked happy and healthy.
Hopefully, this past weekend’s cold snap will be the last one of the year and we won’t have to worry with covering our plants again.

On a sad note, Saturday afternoon, we noticed that a deer has been dining in our bean patch. Apparently, bean plants are too tasty for hungry deer to be scared off by shiny pans and pin wheels. :/P1010167 Earlier this season, Dianna mentioned something about a homemade deer deterrent. I didn’t know of anything at the time.  I was hopeful that aluminum pans and pin wheels would be enough. Now, my mind is changed and I need to surf around the net and see if I can find a recipe for some safe homemade deer deterrent. If I find something that works, I’ll be sure to share it.

We’ve harvested and enjoyed chard, onions and radishes. (If we can keep the critters deterred long enough) future produce and healthy tasty meals will be welcome Summertime treats. Just thinking about it makes me smile.

I hope your weekend was a nice one and
your week is filled with sunshine and smiles.



12 thoughts on “Shields Up – garden update

  1. Glad you were able to save things! I still haven’t planted yet, and am constantly second guessing my decision to pull the straw off the perennial veggies and fruits. But so far so good. While they are getting lots of snow north of us today, we are staying in the 40’s. Asparagus is up and looking like we will get some this week. Strawberries are thinking it’s cold without straw, but the sunshine sure is nice. When we have some. 🙂

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    • Thanks Salpal
      When to plant can be confusing thing with the weather so goofy. I hope it warms up soon for you all and you get your garden planted.
      My asparagus didn’t come back this year. It never was very successful.
      I’ve never grown strawberries, but I don’t know why. We love them and they’re always a treat.
      I hope your veggies and fruits produce well and you get a bumper crop. 🙂

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      • Thank you! This might be the last year for the berries – they take up a lot of space and don’t yield like I would like. I am looking forward to our first asparagus meal this year – it’s the third year with the plants, so we can at last harvest heavily. It is definitely a plant that requires patience, and as perfect conditions as you can give it. That bed is the most pampered one in the yard. 🙂

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        • You’re welcome Salpal
          I hope you enjoy your asparagus, you definitely earned it with babying the patch and the patience of years of waiting.
          I tried to pamper our asparagus patch, but apparently the conditions were wrong for it to survive more than a few years. It’s okay, at least I tried. 😉
          Have a wonderful gardening season. 🙂

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    • Thanks Labelle
      It’s worth it for all the tasty veggies, however it’s not really work to us (at the moment) it would be work if we didn’t enjoy it so much. 😉
      Wow Bavaria. That’s so cool. Greetings to you too. 🙂

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  2. I’ve tried just about every deer-be-gone product known to man. Even the 4 foot high chain link fence (that was here when we bought the house) didn’t keep them out! Last year we replaced the 4 foot fence with a 6 foot fence, and that was the answer! I wish I had done that years ago!

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    • Oh Dear Margie
      That’s sounds quite disheartening. A fence is a great idea and perfect solution. A fence would have it’s advantages. Thanks for sharing.
      Usually we don’t worry about the deer. This year they seems more of an issue even though we normally love sharing the garden with the deer. We may have to consider putting up a fence.
      Hope you have a productive gardening season. 🙂


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