Garden Update – 1st squash, pepper plants & a toe

babysquashOur squash has started putting on fruit. It’s a shame these first squash won’t mature. They rarely do because the male and female blooms haven’t started blossoming at the same time yet. But none-the-less, at least we’re on our way.

bellpepperplantsWe planted our 58 pepper plants. They’re a bit small and I wonder how many will survive. I’m happy to finally have them in the garden where at least they have a sporting chance of growing into productive plants.

carrottoeOur carrots are almost big enough for us to safely pull weeds from around them. As I was looking through my photos of our carrot patch I found a rock that looks like a toe sticking up out of the ground. Mother Nature sure has a bizarre sense of humor. 😮

That’s all my gardening nonsense for the moment.P1010292



I hope you all have a great week.



16 thoughts on “Garden Update – 1st squash, pepper plants & a toe

  1. Is there such a thing as garden envy!? My garden was under several inches of snow yesterday – sure glad I hadn’t planted anything yet!

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    • Oh my goodness, Margie,
      I can’t imagine snow this time of year. Bless your hearts. You all aren’t going to have much of a summer if it doesn’t warm up soon. Take care and stay warm. 🙂


    • lol Dianna
      That would be such good fun.
      I checked for the rock in the garden yesterday, but the shadows and dirt doesn’t give the same artistic flair that it did in the photo. It pretty much just looks like a pretty little smooth oval shaped rock. 🙂


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