Random Friday 5 +1

P1020947One of my favorite ways to cook squash is Parmesan Squash sticks baked in the oven. We like them room temperature and dip them in ranch dressing. The yellow squash are really tasty baked this way.

P1030089I cooked a mess of asparagus beans and also a mess of regular green beans to compare the taste. I used the same herbs/spices and cooked them the same length of time… all day long.
My husband and I agree we like the asparagus beans best. They had a richer sweeter flavor and delicious. It was a small amount of them that I’d picked and there wasn’t much of them so it was good that I also had the regular beans cooked too.
We’re anxiously awaiting some more asparagus beans to mature so we can enjoy another cooking of them. We’re also hoping to have enough to freeze some too.

P1030102There was 2 dozen of our green onions left in the garden and they were getting nice size. However, if a big enough rain comes, they’d take a second growth and ruin. So my husband harvested them and we cleaned/chopped/bagged and froze them.
I know, I know, folks think onions should be dried out and kept in a cool place… Unfortunately, everytime I’ve tried drying onions in their skins/stalks about 3/4 of them rot. So, this year we decided to freeze them. I like them frozen. I open the bag and take out what I need and return the rest to the freezer. The frozen onions are handier for cooking since they’re already cleaned and chopped.

P1030051I got a few more new tools. I used some of my husbands pliars and they were too awkward for my hands. I got a couple blisters from struggling with them. So, I bought me a set of pliars that ought to be more comfortably for me to use.

P1010262Do you know what this strange looking plug is for?  A couple of my cameras came with one of these. I looked it up and discovered that it’s a travel converter plug in for 110 to 220 Voltage.  It’s handy for it to come with a camera that has a battery charger, in case one decides to travel to other countries that have different voltage electrical outlets.

P1030062And as an added bonus, I wanted to post this photo of my harvest from the other day. Seeing freshly harvested veggies makes me happy. 🙂

Wishing you all a great weekend
of pleasant weather & happy harvests.

8 thoughts on “Random Friday 5 +1

  1. I’m not familiar with asparagus beans, but I agree with you that the ONLY way to cook beans is ALL DAY! Love your harvest photo; looks like your garden is doing well this summer.

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    • Thanks Dianna
      It sounds like you were raised right “the ONLY way to cook beans is ALL DAY! ” That’s truly the best.
      These are our first experience with asparagus beans. I’m glad that they can be cooked down and are really tasty.
      We’re happy with our garden so far. Hopefully, it’ll keep producing for the next month. Meanwhile, we’re loving the fresh veggies. 🙂


  2. Nothing as pretty as fresh veggies from your garden. I didn’t know about the plug, first I’ve ever seen. Zucchini baked with Parmesan is our favorite. Glad your asparagus beans were a hit!

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    • Thanks Patii
      Sometimes I think veggies are prettier than a bouquet of expensive flowers.
      The plug is a neat little thing, but I think the companies who add them in the package should have a note explaining what they’re for.
      Zucchini baked with parmesan sounds delicious.
      We’re quite pleased with the asparagus beans taste and also they’re novelty look.

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      • I agree with needing info on the plug. They don’t tell much any more, I guess they expect people to go online to learn about products.

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        • I agree Patti, I also think the manufactures/distributers save a few pennies on not having to add an extra page of info… greedy buggers…


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