Chef Grandson

P1030363aOur Grandson is 15 and loves to cook.  He cooks quite a bit when he visits. One breakfast he made was what I call a ‘stacked omelet’ because the ingredients are stacked. I think they might be more like miniature soufflés or maybe a stacked soufflé.
Chef Grandson used an idea for cooking in muffin tins that he saw online. He used his own choice of ingredients and style of stacking. They baked up beautifully.P1030352Our Grandson is an amazing young man. We’re so proud of him carrying on the family tradition of the menfolk enjoying cooking.

The breakfast was super tasty and a delightful memory we treasure.

Wishing you all many treasured memories.

14 thoughts on “Chef Grandson

    • Thanks Nadine
      I agree. Food tastes wonderful when our grandchildren cook for us. It’s heartfelt memories being made and a strong family bond. 🙂


  1. The stacked omelets look wonderful. This post brings back warm memories of the days when my son used to like to “invent” recipes. They generally turned out well.

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    • Thanks Sheryl
      I love watching the creativeness of my Grandson’s cooking. He has some really good ideas. It’s such fun and heartwarming cooking with our offspring. 🙂


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