Fine Feathered Banana

pml-2016This collage photo is compliments of my BFF.  This is her parakeet, Banana.
BFF grows herbs for Banana to keep him healthy and happy. Usually she’ll put the herbs in his cage, but the other day she had an idea to put him on a stand next to a basil plant. Oh what a jolly good time Banana had snacking on the plant.

Thank you BFF for sharing your collage of sweet little Banana, he’s is adorable.

Wishing you all a jolly good day.


12 thoughts on “Fine Feathered Banana

    • Thanks Nadine
      I smile when I think how happy it must’ve made him.
      I agree, BFF did a great job with the photo collage.
      I’ll pass your compliment on to her. 🙂


    • Thanks Barb
      I agree. My Bff said that it was fun watching him pick and choose one leaf over the other. To we humans, the leaves pretty much are all the same but to Banana I bet they were a welcomed buffet to be sampled and savor the most tasty ones. lol
      I’ll pass your compliment on to my Bff. 🙂

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