Wednesday Wings – Pullets

pullets-1My Bff’s 11 year old granddaughter raised chickens
for a 4H project. She did a wonderful job.pullets-26 of the pullets won a Blue Ribbon and sold for close to $100.00.
I’m so proud of her and am very happy for her.

Wishing you all pleasant Wednesday.


16 thoughts on “Wednesday Wings – Pullets

    • Thanks so much Nadine
      I love when the kids get involved in the 4H & FFA clubs. They are carrying on long traditions and keeping alive the farming arts. Bees are the gift that keep on giving. Quail are pretty and quite comical to watch. I wish your grandson the best of luck, I’m proud of him too. 🙂


    • Thanks Sheryl
      I agree. I think being in 4H and is a really positive experience. Her blue ribbon was well earned.
      She’s not my granddaughter, she’s my best friend’s granddaughter. 🙂


    • Hi CW
      That’s interesting. I wonder what the criteria for having 4H is in a school. I think you would’ve loved it. I really enjoyed 4H, but I never raised critters. There was no reason since it was something we did all year round as part of our life.
      I’m thankful that they still offer it at some of the schools. It’s something that I guess a lot of future veterinarians excel in. I figure my Bff’s Granddaughter will be a vet when she grows up.


      • I suppose if enough students are interested, and willing to speak up to the teachers and administration staff about it, an activity/group can be made available. The school I went to though was filled mostly with much more city minded folks (who would mercilessly tease the few of us more rural kids from the outskirts of the district) so there was really not enough interest in 4H there. Which is a shame, since despite the fact most people tend to associate 4H with “country living” it’s actually about SO much more! I firmly believe schools need to do more to teach truly important life skills (like money management, cooking etc.).

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        • Hey CW
          I remember the city kids. Some were quite the snobs. I wonder how some of them could scarf down food and never want to partake in learning of how it’s produced.
          I agree. I have always said that the schools should require the students to pass courses in basic life skills. Cooking, gardening and sewing on a button should be taught right along with the 3 R’s. 🙂


    • Thanks Patti
      4H is a fun program. I’m so glad that it still available in her area. I’m also glad that she enjoys raising and caring for animals.
      I’m lucky we had it at our school. I never raised critters though. It didn’t occur to me since we raised them anyway as a part of our life.

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