2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Transmogrify

2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“To change in appearance or form,
especially strangely or grotesquely; transform.”

wpc-transmogI’m not sure if this totally qualifies as Transmogrify, but here it is for your perusal.

“A tree was made into paper and then was printed on and made into a catalog.
I folded the pages of the catalog to transform it back into a tree: an ornamental one, but a tree, none-the-less.”

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!


11 thoughts on “2016 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Transmogrify

    • Thanks Laura
      I don’t do every challenge. I’d love too, but I can’t always think of something to photograph for the theme or I get side-tracked and forget.
      Thanks so much. My paper tree making worked out real well for this challenge, I think. 🙂


  1. This reminds me of a cousin and I making things by folding the pages of my grandfather’s Reader’s Digests. I like that yours is from a tree–to a tree. Perfect!


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