No-Filter Friday – flu

12-16-2016-fluSorry folks, I’ve been slack on my blogging again, but I went straight from pc issues to the flu.
Yes, I get a flu shot every year, but one still gets a cold or flu or something like them sometimes. ~bummer~
Anyway, I’m nursing my illness and hope to be back up to full speed soon.

Wishing you all a healthy happy weekend!

CherryWillow‘s ‘No-Filter Friday’; post a photo on Friday that you’ve taken that has only ‘sizing and adding a copyright’ being the only editing/filtering done to it.

12 thoughts on “No-Filter Friday – flu

    • Bless your heart Dianna
      I hope you feel better soon. I agree It’s not the best time to be sick. Try to find time to rest and take care of yourself. Healing-hugs-to-you 🙂


  1. I hope you feel better soon! J is awfully sick right now too, with a stomach bug. Hoping I do not catch it. Flu shots only cover the strains predicted to hit your local area that flu season (how they predict this I have no idea) so when a different strain comes along you still get sick anyway.

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    • Thanks so much Leah
      I hope J feels better soon too. I hope you have a strong immune system and can avoid getting any of these yucky illnesses.
      I’m like you about the prediction of the flu strains. I will say that I believe they got it fairly right because we’re usually fairly healthy during the cold and flu season.
      Oh well, after this runs it’s course hopefully we’ll be done with it and my husband won’t catch it from me.
      Healing-hugs-to-J 🙂


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