No-Filter Friday – flu

12-16-2016-fluSorry folks, I’ve been slack on my blogging again, but I went straight from pc issues to the flu.
Yes, I get a flu shot every year, but one still gets a cold or flu or something like them sometimes. ~bummer~
Anyway, I’m nursing my illness and hope to be back up to full speed soon.

Wishing you all a healthy happy weekend!

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Monday meds – Heart attack advice

I realize this post may not be be appealing to some folks because it’s about some of our recent medical stuff. However, I feel I need to share about it because it may help someone.

Last Friday, I had a super intense migraine and couldn’t keep anything down, even water would bounce back-up within moments of my drinking it. I knew I was on my way to dehydration, but I was helpless to prevent it. I didn’t have any medicine in the house to take to calm my tummy or ease my migraine.
Fortunately, we have a walk in clinic in our area that’s open past normal working hours. After my husband got home from work, he took me there and I was able to see a doctor.
They gave me 2 shots, a pill for nausea and a prescription for migraine medicine.
Saturday morning I was ever so much better.

While I was in the examining room, my husband was in the waiting room. He said a lady came in with a little boy that may of been about 4 years old. She asked if they could get flu shots. The clerk explained they couldn’t because they were out of them.
Upon hearing that he couldn’t get a flu shot, the little boy fell apart and started crying “I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.”
My husband said it was pitiful and he felt so sorry for the little boy.
The clerk told them they should have more in Saturday and to come back then.

Saturday, We went back to the clinic and got flu shots. This is the first year we’ve ever gotten them. We were worried how hard the flu would be on my husband since his recent heart surgery.
There’s been more and more folks getting vaccinated because of the recent deaths from the flu. The supply of flu shots are limited or are out in some areas. I’m thankful the clinic was able to get a new supply of the flu vaccine in. I hope the little boy from Friday’s visit to the clinic was able to get a flu shot so he might can feel more secure.

While waiting for our turn to get the flu shots, we had a conversation with a young man in his mid to late thirties. The conversation began with being thankful for insurance and our shots not costing us anything.
Then the young man started telling about a co-worker of his that had a heart attack.
The young man said his co-worker was complaining with his left upper chest hurting and thought it was a pulled muscle.
The young man said he recognized the possible heart attack symptoms because his Dad had went through it.
He convinced his co-worker to go to the doctor and sure enough he was having a major heart attack and had to have heart surgery.
My husband shared that he went through the same with his heart attack thinking it was a pulled muscle and that he had a to have heart surgery too.

Before my husband’s heart attack, we never knew that a heart attack could feel akin to a pulled muscle. We had always believed it was like we saw on tv where folks grab their left arm or their chest and crumble quickly. It definitely wasn’t that way with my husband. The only symptom that was familiar as a possible heart attack was pains in his left arm/hand. And even then he thought it was because he had pulled his chest muscle when he was lifting a heavy bag of quicklime.

So folks, here’s my healthful advice that I want to share with everyone:
If your chest hurts (even if you think it’s a pulled muscle) you may need to go to a clinic or hospital and have it checked out. It may be nothing to worry about or it may be something serious.


The photo at the top of this post is from last summer. It’s been a long unsettling winter and I needed to see the beauty of nature in full color. I went through my photos and found this one and it cheered me up some. I thought I’d share it with you all.

This is all for me at the moment.

Here’s wishing you all a great week of wonderful health, happy times and dreams of an early Spring.