14 thoughts on “1-5-2017- weather report

  1. We’ve had sun/clouds and mid 40’s today. BUT, we have the possibility of 5-10+ inches of snow here Saturday. YIKES! I’m not sure where you live, E.C., but here in southeast Virginia, that much snow cripples us for several days….. I’ll keep you posted!

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    • Oh my gracious! Dianna
      5-10+ inches would definitely bring life to a screeching halt around here in the mid south. I hope you all are stocked up on supplies and ready to snuggle down and ride out the storm if it comes. I look forward to your updates.
      Take care and stay warm.


    • Hey Laura
      I think I got your posting fixed.
      Thanks so much for being such a supportive and positive blogging buddy. I really appreciate it.
      Have a wonderful weekend.


  2. Oh how I long for winter to be in the 30’s. It is 13 degrees here with a windchill of -3. So cold! I can’t even get warm in the house! But it is not snowing, just flurries off and on, but I will take that any day over inches of snow and ice. Looking forward to Spring 🙂 Love the bird picture. He looks like a type of cardinal? Very pretty.

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    • Oh dear, bless your heart Ginny
      Everything must be frozen solid in your region. I hope you get warmed up soon.
      I’m looking forward to Spring too, but it seems a long ways off.
      The bird is a waxwing. They’re a rare beauty to see.
      Take care and stay warm.


        • Thanks Ginny
          Waxwings are a lovely birds, I wish I could them more often.
          Staying indoors sounds like the right way to handle the frigid temperatures. I hope you all start warming up soon.
          Take care and stay warm. 🙂


  3. Baby, it’s cold outside, but I’m still warm from taking our Lab out on the mountain for a hike and subsequently getting lost. More about that on tomorrow’s post. 2017 seems to be getting off to an extraordinary start at the Robertson house.

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