2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Name

2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“Humans love naming things — look around you,
and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!”nutrasocks1
Ever seen socks with ‘Nutrition Facts’ on the packaging?
These were a first for me.nutrasocks0Joe Boxer went the extra mile to add a smile
and a bit of fun to their product.
Now that’s what I call positive creativity!

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!



4 thoughts on “2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Name

    • Thanks Ginny
      I didn’t realize they put a smile on their products. I enjoyed the nutritional value on the label. It makes me laugh. That’s wonderful. I agree, it sounds like a nice company to work for. 🙂


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