Crochet House Footies

I’ve used up some of my extra yarn by crocheting some house footies. I discovered that I enjoyed making them, so, I cheerfully crocheted myself several pair.

Some are low top.
Some are short top.
Some are high top.
And one pair is over-the-top
for just jolly good old fun.

Wishing you all a Jolly Good
Wednesday Filled with Fun!


2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Name

2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

“Humans love naming things — look around you,
and I bet you’ll see dozens of names. This week, take a photo of one!”nutrasocks1
Ever seen socks with ‘Nutrition Facts’ on the packaging?
These were a first for me.nutrasocks0Joe Boxer went the extra mile to add a smile
and a bit of fun to their product.
Now that’s what I call positive creativity!

 Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!



Knitting Loom Grinchy Stocking

IMG_8229I made my first ever loom-knitted stocking. I made it for my 14 year old grandson for Christmas. (He liked it and also liked the goodies stuffed inside. 😉 )
I used a round red Knifty-Knitter loom.

Unfortunately, the website where the basic stocking pattern was posted has disappeared, so I had to delete the link.

I’d never attempted a sock type pattern on a knitting loom before. The heel part always seemed so intimidating. The  pattern’s instructions were simple enough that I was able to do okay with the heel. (I may even try to loom-knit an actual pair of socks or house shoes someday)

The colors I chose for the stocking were so Grinchy that I couldn’t help but try to add his face to the stocking. Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out as well as I hoped, but it serves the purpose.

It was fun making the stocking for my Grandson.
I’m not very skilled at looming, but I do enjoy it.

I hope you all have a nifty week.