A Dandy of a Wildflower Wednesday

Dandelions are some of my favorite wildflowers. Dandelions are supposed be healthy to eat. I personally have never eaten them. If I ever take a hankering too eat a dandelion, I’m going to read as much as possible to try and make sure that there hopefully wouldn’t be any negative reactions or side effects.

Have you ever eaten dandelions?

Happy Wednesday!



14 thoughts on “A Dandy of a Wildflower Wednesday

  1. When I was a kid my mum told me if I picked a dandielion I’d wet the bed. Now I just pull them out by the roots. 🙂 so I’ve never even been slightly curious as to what they taste like, EC. Let us know if you do eat one…

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    • lol Piglet,
      I’ve never heard that before about picking dandelions. Mom’s do tend to tell kids strange stuff as a deterrent. Gotta love ’em. 🙂
      My husband mows the dandelions down in our yard and then almost over night the dandelions will be back healthy and strong. I pull them out of my herb bed, but I allow them to grow in a couple of my flower beds. I kind of like them.
      I doubt I ever eat a dandelion, but if I do, I’ll definitely post about it. 😀

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    • Hey Ginny
      I doubt I ever eat a dandelion. From what I’ve read, they don’t sound very tasty.
      We have oodles of them in our yard, they practically grow back over night after my husband mows the yard.
      Pulling them up is really the best way to control them. I wish you an easy time with pulling them up. 🙂


  2. I tried dandelion leaves a few years back, but I thought they were bitter. Apparently you can prepare them in ways that reduce or mask the bitterness. Or you can just grow and eat lettuce…
    I like to see dandelions when they stay on the ‘wild’ side of my fence. I wage war on them when they move into my flower beds!

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    • Hi Margy
      Ew, bitter dandelions sound very unappetizing. Thanks I’m glad you told me. I seriously doubt I will ever eat a dandelion, especially now. I suppose if one wanted to in incorporate them into a diet, masking or reducing the bitterness would be the only way to enjoy them. I’m like you, lettuce is my preference and chard and spinach, so who needs to graze on dandelions.
      My husband tends the lawn and mows them down, but they come right back up. I let grow in a couple of my flower beds. We don’t let them grow in our vegetable garden. I keep them out of my herb garden. I like to see them in the wild too. 🙂


  3. I have never eaten a dandelion but my dad has. Every once in a while he will have some, usually he puts them on hamburgers. Shrug. Can’t say I have ever been compelled to try any of the edible flowers. My oldest niece used to like eating bachelor buttons. I had told her they were edible and she was curious enough at the time to try one, decided she liked them and would constantly pick them to eat after that.

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    • Interesting CW
      It’s good your Dad likes to eat dandelions from time-to-time. They’re suppose to be very healthy. I’d not thought of using them on a hamburger. I can’t imagine what that would taste like.
      I’ve never eaten a flower. I sometimes wonder about some of them that bakers use on cakes and chefs use as garnish.
      I didn’t know bachelor buttons were edible. Bachelor buttons must have tasted pretty tasty to your niece. That’s such a cute story and memory to treasure. 🙂


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