Potato bucket, Gardening & fan nest

One of my potato plants grew tall enough to add more soil to the bucket. I may have went a bit over board with the soil. As you can see, I kept the plant a couple inches tall and buried the leaves, so maybe it’ll be okay. It’ll make me happy if I actually luck up and grow an edible potato or two in the buckets.
The garden is growing and doing well.
Except for our beans. The bunnies are eating the tops out of them. We figure the beans may still mature and produce as long as the plants have some leaves and are healthy. Our squash is loaded with babies. It won’t be long until we have a nice fresh mess of straightneck squash.The cucumber vines are growing nicely and has a few blooms. We grow cucumbers for salads and to snack on. These few plants will produce enough for us for the summer.The corn looks good and is growing strong. We hope we’ll have enough corn to freeze several bags for the winter.We’re happy with our little garden. It doesn’t require much attention (yet). We like having the more compact smaller garden.

It’s that special time of year for birds to nest. A couple of birds tried to build nests in our fans again on the back porch. My husband cleaned out the twigs and fluff. Thankfully there wasn’t an egg in the nesting. We now keep the fans running on low during the day to deter the birds from trying to build nests again.
I hope your plants and flowers are thriving and growing well.
Have a great week!

edited in 5-22-2017-2:45pm:
Well I didn’t have to worry about adding too much soil after all because the potato plant took care of it.



14 thoughts on “Potato bucket, Gardening & fan nest

  1. Wow – so much is growing so well! We have a little bunny, I think he has eaten all my little primrose… I just bought some stakes and netting for it, hopefully it will come back. Now that you post this, I guess I should plan on fencing in the beans as well! When I get to plant them, which should be this weekend. I think your potato will be fine, by the way.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I understand. I’m happy to share this with you. I know how much you want to garden and I hope someday you’ll be able too. 🙂


  2. Thanks for the update ! The photos of your garden remind me of year ago when Marshall was little. His dad had a garden, and I would can veggies. (LOVE a fresh cucumber from the garden!)

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    • Thanks Dianna
      I bet Marshall was adorable helping out with the gardening.
      I wish I had the want-too and skills to can. I’m to lazy I guess. I enjoy freezing stuff though.
      Fresh cucumbers are such a delight. On salads and as a side-dish or just for a snack they are mighty tasty.. 🙂


  3. Your potato looks quite happy, and I’m sure the bunnies are delighted to have fresh veggies. Cucumbers were the gift that kept on giving when we grew them–if only the other plants would do so well. Back then, our Golden Retriever helped eat them. Hubby would harvest them and put them at the edge of the garden to carry into the house, and the dog would help himself to one. He liked garden-fresh tomatoes, too! (Don’t we all?)

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    • Thanks Patti
      The bunnies are having a field day that’s for sure. We’re thankful they left most of the bean stalk and leaves.
      Cucumbers are a wonderful treat to grow. They require so little care.
      😀 You gave me a good laugh about your golden retriever. He sounds like he was a fun pet to have.
      Have a wonderful week! 🙂


  4. I always look forward to the first fresh veggies from the garden. Yours are looking promising, for sure! Our sweet corn is almost always ready to harvest around the Fourth of July, so we celebrate with roasted corn on the cob. I am hoping we can keep the critters out long enough to get the corn in the freezer. It was a battle last year with the raccoons. They had a happy Fourth too!


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