No-Filter Friday – Yucca

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

CherryWillow’s ‘No-Filter Friday’; post a photo on Friday that you’ve taken that has only ‘sizing and adding a copyright’ being the only editing/filtering done to it.

6 thoughts on “No-Filter Friday – Yucca

  1. I love Yuccas. We had lots in our garden. the most beautiful we nicknamed the ‘Evil One’ because the points on the leaves drew blood when they came in contact with the skin. The flowers were white tinged with pink. We had to employ gardeners to remove thse Yuccas as there were too many injuries. They called them ‘Diablo’ and attacked them with pitchforks to carry them away.

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    • Oh my goodness Piglet,
      That’s so sad.
      Diablo certainly seems to fit a vicious plant like that. Pitchforks are definitely the right tools for the removal. I can imagine what a relief when it was gone.
      Beauty can be a danger, that’s for sure. 🙂

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