Gardening, Potato Buckets & Roses

Our squash and cucumbers are producing well. Maybe a bit too well.
Our onions have grown well too. The onion patch is almost ready for a complete harvest.
Despite the critters, our beans are trying to produce. Luckily, we had enough for a small cooking of them.
We’re happy to have our first tomatoes, even though they need to sit a few days to completely ripen.
Yep, we are quickly becoming squash poor…  😀
Our corn is tasseling and getting silky ears. I can hardly wait for the first sweet harvest and cooking.
Our garden is at that special point where it’s not pretty and clean anymore. But it’s producing and that’s the important thing.
We went ahead and dumped the wilty potato plant bucket out. The plant was rotten down in the bucket. I guess there was something about it that made it fail to thrive.The potato plant in the bucket that we have left is gorgeous. It’s healthy and green and has little buds ready to bloom. Hopefully it’s well on the way to growing a potato or two.
Recently, we bought a couple of rose bushes.
We haven’t had any in years and thought it might be fun to have some.
Plus they might attract a few more butterflies.
The ‘yellow hybrid tea rose’ is attracting japanese beetles and insects, but the red ‘knock out’ rose is bug free. I reckon the yellow rose must be sweeter than the red one. Over the past couple of weeks we’ve seen a few japanese beetles in our corn. But now that we have the roses, the corn is beetle free. Honestly, we’re glad the japanese beetles are attracted to the rose and leaving our corn alone. I use the old stomp & squish method to control the japanese beetles. Hopefully, I won’t have to resort to pesticides.~*~
There’s never a dull moment with gardening. It’s a lot of work, but it’s enjoyable work and the rewards are a beautiful bounty.

I hope you all have a pest free week full of beauty and goodness.



7 thoughts on “Gardening, Potato Buckets & Roses

    • Thanks Claire
      We plant Peaches and Cream sweet corn. It’s like eating candy.
      The potatoes in the bucket is an experiment. I’d heard of folks growing potatoes in buckets and always wanted to try it. Then this year I found a couple of potatoes in my bin that had sprouted. I decided to try to grow some new potatoes from them in buckets. They’re store bought potatoes so I don’t know if they’ll even produce a potato fit to eat. But it’s been enjoyable experimenting with trying to grow potatoes in buckets. 🙂


      • ah ok lol.
        Well we also planted some supermarket bought potatoes (that had begun sprouting in the food storage area) this year and they grew just fine. In fact we harvested some last week. We planted directly in the veggie patch though. Or should I say husband sort of threw them on the ground in rows, then covered in mounds of straw. Didn’t bother actually “planting” them, just covered them over. And it worked!


  1. Your garden bounty is beautiful! Mom grew “snaps” (green beans), butter beans (lima beans), corn, squash. But no tomatoes: she didn’t like them, and I’m not a big fan, either. When my son was little, his dad had a garden, and I canned green beans and squash. Your picture brought back some memories!
    Good luck with your roses. The deer eat mine before the bugs have a chance.

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    • Thanks Dianna
      It sounds like your Mother had a green thumb and was a wonderful gardener. My Mom grew so many things more than what we do. Tomatoes are an interesting veggie. Some folks just don’t ever acquire a taste for them.
      I wish I had took up the art of canning, but I was never comfortable with it. My Mom was a whiz at it and enjoyed canning everything.
      I’m glad my pictures brought back some nice memories for you and you shared them with me. Gardening does tend to make me nostalgic too.
      Your deer are so gorgeous. The twins were a delight to see in your photos. That’s so exciting. At our home. It’s worth sacrificing whatever plants the critters need, just to be able to watch them and occasionally get a picture.
      I look forward to seeing more photos of your twins as they grow. 😀


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