Chicken slow cooker pot pie and Muffin Flats

Recently I discovered a new soup on the shelf in our local grocery store.
‘Cream of Chicken with Herbs’
Most of my cooking is experimental at best, so I decided to give this new soup a try.

I mixed a the can of soup with a 3/4 can of water and a 1/2 tsp of lite salt and poured it in my slow cooker.
I cut up a couple chicken breasts  in to hearty size pieces and put them in the slow cooker and stirred them around to cover them in the soup.
I cooked them on high for a few hours.
When the chicken was fully cooked, I added fresh carrots and sweet peas.
I let it cook for another hour. Fresh carrots take a long time to cook in the slow cooker. I should have pre-cooked them in the microwave.
After the carrots were finally cooked, I added a cup of minute rice to the slow cooker.
I let it cook for about a half an hour more

I served it in a bowl with a side of muffin flats made with Jiffy muffin mix. Muffin flats is what I call the way I make my muffins now. I cook them in a whoopie pie pan. Muffin flats seem much better for us grown-ups than cupcake shaped muffins.
Yes, I realize that some folks would call them muffin tops instead of muffin flats. However, since it’s my whoopie pie pan and my oven I bake them in, in my kitchen with a batter mixed by my own hand, I can call them anything I want. 😉

The chicken slow cooker pot pie tastes quite a bit like a regular chicken pot pie without the crust.
The sweet muffin flats pair well with it.
This falls into my favorite food group of ‘comfort food’.
It’s pleasantly filling and would be great on a cold winter day.

My journey into experimental cooking with the ‘Cream of Chicken with Herbs’ soup and creating ‘Chicken slow cooker pot pie’ was a mighty tasty success.

Wishing you all success in your cooking and crafting experiments.

Post inspired by:
2017 WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge – Experimental
“Show us your interpretation of today’s theme, “Experimental.”



14 thoughts on “Chicken slow cooker pot pie and Muffin Flats

  1. yum! I haven’t seen that soup, but will have to look for it. My grandmother used to make the BEST baked chicken dish – chicken pieces on the bone with skin (yum yum) in a baking dish. One can cream of mushroom soup, with a bit of milk or water, but NOT MUCH, poured over the top, kind of smeared about. Top with bread crumbs, bake uncovered at 350 until the chicken is done, at least 45 minutes. It makes a creamy gravy and crispy chicken. Yummy! Good over rice or with potatoes.

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  2. That soup is fantastic for recipes, I love it! Your creation looks delicious E.C., and I adore the muffin flats! My only problem with standard muffins is they’re kinda hard to eat without making a right royal mess of things (I feel the same way about cupcakes) but for some reason using a whoopie pie pan never occurred to me. Guess I am adding that to my wish list now… Lol

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I love using the ‘cream of’ soups in recipes. I’m glad you like my creations. I agree with you and feel the same way about regular forms of muffins and cupcakes. They’re a lot of work to enjoy. My husband even prefers my ‘Flats’. I’ve made a few different kinds. I hope Santa brings you a whoopie pie pan. I know you’ll make some delicious foods in it. 😀


    • Thanks so much Anita
      I’m glad you like my muffin flats. Cooking and crafting are fun to experiment with, especially when the results are something that makes life a little more enjoyable. 😀

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