Testing the WordPress App

Here’s Sheli-bean when he was trying out his new bed. He immediately liked it.
I thought it’d be perfect for trying out this app, in hopes I will like it too.

So far so good.

It’s 10:15pm 12-13-2017- I’m going to try to schedule this post for 12-14-2017 midnight and see if it works.

Wish me luck.

I couldn’t get the App to schedule this post nor could I edit it like I need too. Apparently there’s a step or two that I missed. I’m technologically-impaired, so don’t let my first attempt dissuade you from trying the app.
I went online and logged-in to my normal blog file manager to edit in some more content and finish this post and schedule it.

Anyhow, I suppose the app will be a peach for immediate posting. I realize there’s a learning curve and this first attempt doesn’t really make an educated guide to judge it by. I believe with practice the app might be quite handy. I plan to try it another day sometime.

Have you tried the WordPress app?
Did it work well for you?

Happy blogging!


10 thoughts on “Testing the WordPress App

  1. Sheli-bean looks very comfy on his new bed 💜 I prefer to create my posts on a bigger screen with a solid internet connection and have never been tempted to use the app. Mobile phone connections here are far too unreliable for this. If your connection is good it may be a lot easier! ☺💖 xxx

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  2. Thanks WW
    I know what you mean. I like working with the bigger screen. It’s easier for me to use my laptop because of access to all my files.and photo editing programs.
    Internet connections are an unruly sprite. Ours is one step above dial-up and gets goofy sometimes. It’s a shared issue shared around the world. I can’t imagine super speed connection. 3 years ago our internet provider promised us that in 2 years we’d get fiber-optics and super speeds in our neck of the woods… The math doesn’t add up, but I keep hoping it’ll happen… 😀


  3. I too prefer a bigger screen for composing my regular posts and more complex stuff. I have tried the app for a simple & short post, though, and like you said, it worked great for immediate publishing. However, there was also the time when I tried to just view a published post, and it created a local draft of the post even when I had made zero changes. I don’t recall how I got it to discard the draft, but it was a struggle! 😉

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    • Thanks Anita,
      I agree the bigger screen makes it so much easier.
      That’s interesting how the app acted on your post. I’m glad you were able to discard the draft.
      Thank goodness you still got your computer to post with. I’d be lost without mine. 😀

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  4. Aww Sheli-bean looks so cozy and comfy in his bed!

    I don’t have home internet and haven’t for some time (just can’t afford it for now) so the app is what I use almost exclusively to post. Sometimes if I remember I take my laptop when I visit J and can get some stuff done on the computer and I really do prefer it over the app. The app is decent though. I’ve been using it long enough I can say that the more recent updates over the past several months have improved it greatly. It still lacks some basic things I wish they’d add but overall it is not bad.

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    • Thanks so much CW
      Sheli really loves to snuggle down in it and take nice long naps. I envy him that sometimes. 😉
      I hadn’t realized that you use the App to make most all of your posts with. I don’t know how you do it. You must be real patient and real tech-savy to get the app to function right. You clever girl. 😀


      • It took a lot of learning to master using the app! And then sometimes when they update with new features there is more learning that has to happen lol. I really would prefer to make my posts from my laptop but till I can afford to get home internet going I am glad they have a decent app!

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        • Hi CW
          It great WP has a such a good app. It’s a blessing that you can continue to enjoy blogging without an internet connection to your laptop. Being able to do some thingd and surf is one of extra great bonuses of mobile phone. 😀


          • Yes! I’ve used some other blogging apps and they’re lousy. WordPress could still use some improvements but from what I have tried they’re definitely the best. I don’t know what I would do without my phone being able to access the internet!

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            • Hi CW
              I’m glad you use the app so well, blogging is a good outlet for thoughts & creativity and visiting with blogging friends. 🙂


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