Crochet House Footies

I’ve used up some of my extra yarn by crocheting some house footies. I discovered that I enjoyed making them, so, I cheerfully crocheted myself several pair.

Some are low top.
Some are short top.
Some are high top.
And one pair is over-the-top
for just jolly good old fun.

Wishing you all a Jolly Good
Wednesday Filled with Fun!


10 thoughts on “Crochet House Footies

  1. Oh how cute those Christmas ones are, E.C.! I would never have thought up such a design myself! I used to crochet house footies then I learned to knit and prefer to knit them though the crochet ones do work up faster.

    I discovered at the bakery I am working at they make cornbread flats like yours! They don’t call them flats, I forget what they call them. But the baker was making some yesterday and I saw them and immediately thought of you! She brought over a jalapeno cheddar one for me to try that was delicious and I ended up snacking on the whole thing for the first part of my shift before I took my lunch break. It was quite a tasty appetizer!

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    • Thanks so much CW
      I had fun designing the color scheme. It seemed like every row the footies got a little more jolly. I’d probably not attempt to make footies or anything other than a scarf on rod knitting rods. I admire your knitting skills.
      That is so neat about the cornbread flats the bakery makes. They sound really tasty. Thanks for thinking of me, you made me smile. 😀


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