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Wildbird Wednesday: Yellow GoldFinches

Another reason I love zinnias is they attract Yellow Goldfinches or as we like to call them, Canary birds.
Yellow Goldfinches are fun bits of sunshine playing in the zinnia patch.

Wishing you all sunshine and fun.


edited in 7-13-2019: I was talking to my husband about the yellow finches and he casually mentioned to me that they’re called ‘Goldfinches’ . So, I thought I should update this post with the right name in case someone might want to research them further. 😉




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12 thoughts on “Wildbird Wednesday: Yellow GoldFinches

    1. Thanks so much Peggy,
      Zinnias attract so many interesting winged wonders. Goldfinches also enjoy sunflowers. They don’t have to be the huge sunflowers either, the goldfinches like the smaller varieties like the Autumn Beauty sunflowers when the seeds start maturing. 🙂

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        1. Hi Peggy
          Your sunflower patch sounds lovely. These 2 Goldfinches just recently started feeding in our small sunflower patch. I hope your sunflower patch is blessed by them soon. 😀

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  1. We call them wild canaries – why I don’t know but that is what we always called them growing up. We knew they’re finches but just called them otherwise. Some of my favorite birds to watch, they’re so bright and sunny looking!

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    1. Thanks so much CW,
      They’re such clowns and a joy to watch. We call them canaries because they’re the closest thing to a real canary that we have in our region. Like you, they’re some of my favorite birds to watch too. 😀


    1. Thanks so much SalPal,
      Hanging a bag of thistle seeds is a wonderful idea. The goldfinches are sort of finicky about the flowers they’re attracted too. I hadn’t thought about thistle seed. Thanks for sharing that handy hint. 😀

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