Wildlife Wednesday – Female Baby 5 Line Skink

There’s a few of these wee beneficial babies using our back porch as a playground. They’re so charming and so very hard to get a photo of because they’re so fast.
I’m glad this wee-one stopped for a moment while close to a nail-head. The nail-head might help to give some idea of the small size of this female baby skink.

Wishing you all a charming Wednesday!




Wiki Reference: 5 Line Skink






16 thoughts on “Wildlife Wednesday – Female Baby 5 Line Skink

  1. We have many of these little creatures that live around the outside of our house. They are very fast and it is hard to capture them in the camera lens. Love to watch them. Thanks for sharing your photos.

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    • Hey Pip,
      The five-lined skink is a species of lizard. The ones here, in the mid-south USA, don’t grow very big. I can’t imagine bigger ones. It’s interesting the way some species grow differently in different regions of the world. 🙂


    • Hello Dianna,
      It’s okay. Not everyone has a fondness for lizards. I don’t pick them up or try to friend them. I admire them when I see them. I’m glad we have them around here, they help to control some of the pests. 😉


  2. Oh I love skinks! I do not think I have ever seen one that small, I’ve only seen them all grown up. I miss staying with J. Lots of lizzards and skinks at his place, he is in a more rural spot outside of town and I’m in town so the critters just are not around my place like they are at his. I just get stray dogs and cats, and a ridiculous number of squirrels.

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    • Hi CW
      I agree. I love skinks too. Seeing the babies is delightful. They’re so little and super fast.
      I can imagine how disheartening it is for you to be living in the city since you’re a country-girl at heart. Once-upon-a-time, we lived in the city for about a decade and a half. It was tough for our family. We made the most of our yards in the city as far as small gardens and flower beds, but we were so limited. It was like coming alive again when we moved back to the country. I hope you get to move back to the country again some day soon. 🙂


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