Crochet Cast On Loom Knitting

Here’s my video tutorial of sorts of the method
I use to ‘crochet cast on’ on a knitting loom.
Hopefully it’ll help to show others how to
‘Crochet Cast On’ on a knitting loom.

It’s my first tutorial video for loom knitting,
so if I need to add or change anything,
leave me a comment and let me know.

Happy Crafting!



10 thoughts on “Crochet Cast On Loom Knitting

  1. Excellent video tutorial, E.C. I’ve never been one to make videos about things, just not my style and not something I ever got into though I tried briefly when youtube was new. Gosh saying that makes me feel old lol.

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    • Thanks so much CW,
      My videos are few and far between. It’s enjoyable to post one when I have something I think is worth posting.
      It’s amazing how it seems the years have passed so quickly since it all began. 🙂


  2. That looks like a very cool, effective method you have for creating there. I also like how your video is short and to the point. No BS. Great post, EC! Ah, the joys of creating!


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