Random 5 for Friday: Daffodils and Snow – Needlepoint – embroidery pattern – twitter – Valentine’s Day

1)February 7th, it snowed. My daffodils were budding, so since they were budding, I’ve decided to count it as fulfilling the snow-daffodil ‘saying’ for the year.

Thankfully the snow melted quickly.
February 9th, my mini daffodils started blooming.

2)I’ve been working on my ‘Classic Impressions Needlepoint‘. I’ve made progress, it’s not really noticeable progress because I’m working on little details. Needleworkers will understand that sometimes a lot of detail work doesn’t always look like a lot of progress. So, I’ll update when it shows progress.

3)Not sure what to make of this curious looking embroidery pattern: ‘Mushroom Girl’
It’s not a naughty photo. If you get a chance, click the link above.

4) I have a question for twitter users:
My blog has been linked with my twitter account since I opened it. I’ve gotten only a couple hits from twitter over the years.
Here’s my question: do you think twitter is an asset to your blog or a useful extension of your blog?

Happy Valentine’s Day 2020!

Wishing you all a fabulous weekend
of warm smiles and sunshine.

16 thoughts on “Random 5 for Friday: Daffodils and Snow – Needlepoint – embroidery pattern – twitter – Valentine’s Day

  1. Oh, that mushroom girl pattern is weird. I don’t think I like it.
    Twitter has got me a few views over the years, but the majority come from WordPress reader or search engines. Saying that, I’m not active at all on Twitter so I don’t know if the stats would be better if I had a proper community on there.

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    • Thanks QWC,
      Yep for sure, that mushroom girl pattern is weird. I don’t think I like it either.
      Twitter is an oddity to me too. I check in it every fews days or so and see what’s on the feed. I agree about an active community might bring more hits. I’m pretty happy being a lurker there. I enjoy the cute animal gifs though. 🙂


  2. Despite the snow – Daffodils just keep blooming. Beautiful. Sorry I can’t answer the Twitter question – I do not use Twitter.

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    • Thanks Claire,
      That mushroom girl is most unsettling and a curiosity to me.
      I’m glad the snow is gone and the daffodils are blooming they’re cheerful smiles. 🙂


  3. Mushroom Girl is… odd.
    I check Twitter regularly only because I enjoy the people I follow there. I get very few hits from Twitter – many more from Facebook but the most from the WordPress Reader!

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    • Hi Margy,
      I agree, Mushroom girl is odd. I find her quite unsettling.
      I get most of my hits from pinterest and the wordpress reader. I check my twitter often. Like you, I enjoy reading the updates of the people I follow and of course the cute animal gifs. 😀


  4. Lovely pictures, E.C.! I hope you had a wonderful Valentine’s Day.
    Mushroom Girl is definitely weird, but I think I’d feel different if there was a single mushroom instead of two.

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    • Thanks so much Anita,
      It was fun for us to enjoy being together for 42 Valentines days.
      I agree mushroom girl is weird. I think you might be on to something about 1 verses the 2 mushroom. It’s just so odd and unsettling either way. 😀

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  5. I enjoyed seeing your Spring Daffodils this morning. I am so looking forward to Spring, especially since it is 5 degrees here with the wind chill. Brrrrrr

    The mushroom Girl is weird! Too far out there for me.

    I don’t use Twitter, so I am no help there.

    I am looking forward to seeing more of your collage Needlepoint. It is a beautiful piece.

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    • Thanks so much SG,
      I’m looking forward to Spring too. I thought we were headed to warmer weather and then a cold front moved in. It’s in the 30’s We got a smidge of snow that melted but now it’s slushy rain. 5 degrees Brrrr you all are frozen in.
      Mushroom girl makes no sense to me and is quite unsettling. I can’t figure out what the artist message is for her. But definitely not my tastes for sure.
      I’ve not done much more on my needlepoint. Life stepped in and distracted me, but that’s okay, I’m in no hurry.
      I hope you have a warmer rest of the week. Bundle up and stay safe. 🙂


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