Bit of Snow for Christmas

Here in my neck-of-the-woods, we got a bit of snow the 23rd of December. The -20° wind chill was the worst part though.
The wind flipped over my 4 deceased mums that I had left on the porch. I plan on tossing them away sometime.
The wind has calmed down. The snow is still laying around, but thankfully the roads are clear.
I know it’s not much snow, but for me it was good to have a manageable bit of snow on Christmas day. Snow always seems to add an extra bit of that ol’ holiday magic. ☃️
The temperature stayed in the single digits, until Christmas day, then it warmed up to 25°F.
Rumor has it, the weather forecasters predict, that it’s going to warm up to the mid 50’s by next weekend… We are hoping for it to be so.

My heart goes out to all the folks in the regions who are in freezing and/or blizzard conditions. I hope you all are bundled up and hunkered down and make it through this horrible weather safely.
I send you all my warmest thoughts for a heat wave to thaw out your regions and life gets back to normal soon.
I pray the worst of snows and freezing cold is over with for this winter. 🙏
Stay warm and safe. ❤️


4 thoughts on “Bit of Snow for Christmas

  1. Wow, E.C. you had a white Christmas. What fun! The snow and wind have stopped for now. We have 6 to 8 inches we cleared away this morning. It’s about 19 F. and feels like 9 F. It’s our first white Christmas in years so we’ll enjoy the beauty while we can. Happy Boxing Day!

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    • Thanks so much Colleen,
      I was happy we had the bit of snow. I bet it was a winter wonderland at your home. I always love the clean crisp snowy world after a big snow. Especially at Christmas time. It’s so magical. I hope the sun is shining in your region and y’all are thawing out. Happy Boxing Day to you too. Keep warm and stay safe.

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    • Thank goodness Kathy,
      Sounds like Spring temperatures is trying to warm away the winter early this year. The wind can be so crazy. It’s like that here too, it’s warmed up to mid 60’s, yesterday felt like a warm spring winds. Maybe the coldest has passed. Fingers crossed and wishing really hard. 🙂

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