Gardening update – 6-9-2016

cornbean1Back in May my husband got a creative idea to hang twine down from ropes for the asparagus beans to run on.
cornbean2Now the corn is as tall as the ropes/strings. We figure the corn will grow much taller as time goes on.
cornbean3The beans are running on the strings (and on the corn stalks as well.) We’re hoping soon that the beans will bloom.

carrot2carrot patch before weedingAfter the recent welcomed rains, We were more easily able to weed the carrots. It took us 2 hours to carefully pull, dig and toss the weeds out of carrot patch. Hopefully the carrots will grow into some tasty colorful veggies.

mater-1My husband weeded my gnome garden last week. He moved a the volunteer tomato plants to the garden and planted them in bunches, so they can support each other as they grow. They must be happy because they’re blooming quite lovely. We can hardly wait to see what variety they are.

squash2I made the hard decision to dig up and throw away 2 of my squash plants. It was a sad thing since I planted only two seeds of each variety. The two I pulled up were golden zucchini squash. The vines were big and they even had several new squash on them. To a non-gardener they would’ve looked healthy. squash2I originally thought the yellow leaves were from the cool weather at night we had a while back. But I trimmed those leaves off and as the squash grew so did more yellow leaves. My other varieties of squash are full and luscious and green. I worried that whatever was causing the golden zucchini to have yellow leaves might spread to my other plants. Also, an unhealthy squash is more susceptible to pests and other diseases. I surfed several garden websites and have come to the conclusion that my two golden zucchini plants may have been suffering from a ‘nitrogen deficiency’ or a ‘nutrient deficiency’ or something else. Regardless, I wanted them out of my garden so my other squash wouldn’t catch anything from them.  I planted a couple more golden zucchini squash seeds in another spot. Hopefully they’ll live and be healthy.

And so ends another gardening update.
I hope you all are having pleasant weather & good days.

Happy gardening!