Gardening update – 6-9-2016

cornbean1Back in May my husband got a creative idea to hang twine down from ropes for the asparagus beans to run on.
cornbean2Now the corn is as tall as the ropes/strings. We figure the corn will grow much taller as time goes on.
cornbean3The beans are running on the strings (and on the corn stalks as well.) We’re hoping soon that the beans will bloom.

carrot2carrot patch before weedingAfter the recent welcomed rains, We were more easily able to weed the carrots. It took us 2 hours to carefully pull, dig and toss the weeds out of carrot patch. Hopefully the carrots will grow into some tasty colorful veggies.

mater-1My husband weeded my gnome garden last week. He moved a the volunteer tomato plants to the garden and planted them in bunches, so they can support each other as they grow. They must be happy because they’re blooming quite lovely. We can hardly wait to see what variety they are.

squash2I made the hard decision to dig up and throw away 2 of my squash plants. It was a sad thing since I planted only two seeds of each variety. The two I pulled up were golden zucchini squash. The vines were big and they even had several new squash on them. To a non-gardener they would’ve looked healthy. squash2I originally thought the yellow leaves were from the cool weather at night we had a while back. But I trimmed those leaves off and as the squash grew so did more yellow leaves. My other varieties of squash are full and luscious and green. I worried that whatever was causing the golden zucchini to have yellow leaves might spread to my other plants. Also, an unhealthy squash is more susceptible to pests and other diseases. I surfed several garden websites and have come to the conclusion that my two golden zucchini plants may have been suffering from a ‘nitrogen deficiency’ or a ‘nutrient deficiency’ or something else. Regardless, I wanted them out of my garden so my other squash wouldn’t catch anything from them.  I planted a couple more golden zucchini squash seeds in another spot. Hopefully they’ll live and be healthy.

And so ends another gardening update.
I hope you all are having pleasant weather & good days.

Happy gardening!

10 thoughts on “Gardening update – 6-9-2016

  1. So is there one row of asparagus beans? And are they on the north or south side of the corn? I am trying to figure out for my garden next year. I have a spot where a mobile home will have stood that i am planning to plant next year!

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  2. Hi Nadine
    This is the first time we’ve ever grown the asparagus beans and we’re experimenting with planting them in the same rows with the corn.
    My Mom used to plant corn and pole beans together so the beans could climb the stalks and she didn’t have to worry with making a trellis or staking them to run on. So, we thought we’d give it a try with the asparagus beans. My husband added the rope/twine to help some of the beans have something extra to climb on..
    I wish you luck with your beans and gardening when you get it going. 🙂


  3. It’s always so interesting reading about the happenings in your garden! Our weather has been unbelievably gorgeous the past few days. I find it difficult to come inside!

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    • Thanks Dianna
      Congratulations on the nice weather. Our weather/temperatures has finally evened out, (but super hot days are in the forecast). I love it right now, It’s like mini vacations every time I step outside. Have a beautiful rest of the week and weekend. 🙂


    • Thanks Laura
      Really we ought to have a fence to keep the deer and rabbits out, but instead we put up pie plates and pin wheels and hope for the best. 🙂


  4. It looks like you have a good start for a wonderful garden this year! I’m not familiar with this bean. I’m a bit worried about our tomatoes; they are beautiful plants, but have very few, if any, blooms. I planted some flowers in our garden, hoping they would do better than in my beds in the yard, which have to compete with the trees.

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    • Thanks Charlotte
      This year is our first experience with the asparagus bean. It’s supposed to grow 12 to 18 inches or more long. We thought it might be a tasty bean too with a name like asparagus.
      Trees can be a real competitor with sunshine and water. That’s a good idea to plant flowers in your garden. Hopefully the flowers will help to deter a pest or two and be beautiful too. I hope your tomatoes start blooming soon. Sometimes plants make a slow start of producing. Our tomatoes are doing well and for us that’s a major surprise. We usually have lousy luck with tomatoes. But maybe this year our luck will change.


  5. I think that you were wise to get rid of the yellowed squash plants. Plant diseases so easily spread from one plant to another, and it’s not worth taking a chance. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the replanted golden zucchinis do better.

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    • Thanks Sheryl
      So far my other squash plants are still doing well and look healthy. I’m hoping for at least one of the seeds to grow and produce at least one golden zucchini for us to try. My fingers are crossed too, 🙂


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