Simple Balloon Light

bln-5I made a balloon light using A Balloon & a
Battery Operated Tea Light. It’s a simple thing to make.
One thing that’s important to do is cover up any little sharp legs.

Here’s wishing you a bright weekend of sunshine.


* A glow-stick would work nicely too.
There’s direction online for balloon lights made with glow-sticks.


September Wreath (1)

sept-wreath 1-2014My 1st ‘2014 Wreath of the Month’ for September is in
celebration of the birthdays of my son and grandson.

Happy Birthday to my special Boys!birthday-dancer

Also this is the month that
me and my husband met for the first time,
so it’s pretty special to my heart.

Here’s wishing you all a month of celebrations!spring-017

September will be a 2 wreath month. I’ll post another wreath later on. 🙂
Here’s why I’m making a ‘Wreath of the Month’ for every month of 2014.