Bell Pepper Harvest

P1040187We harvested our bell peppers yesterday. Unfortunately, out of the 50+ plants only about a dozen produced fruit. It’s possible over the next few days some of these green peppers will change ripen to a different color… or not… you never can tell about peppers.
Whatever they do, I plan to chop them up and freeze them using my flash freezing method. It’s handy to have frozen bell peppers for cooking any time of year.

I hope you all are having productive flower and vegetable gardens.

Productive Purple Bell Peppers

P1030514I was surprised to find purple bell peppers that have already turned this season.
P1030600I was worried that we may only have one purple pepper plant out of the 50+ plants I started from seeds. I know of 2 plants, so far. Hopefully, they’ll be more.

An interesting point about the purple bell peppers is that they grow a yellowish pepper that turns purple. Most of the peppers I’ve ever grown have started out green and then turned another color.

I think it’s pretty neat what one learns about familiar veggies when you grow other colors/varieties of the same kind. I’m looking forward to harvesting other colors of bell peppers. I’ll put them in a basket and take some photos (and then eat some and freeze some.)

I hope you’re having success & enjoyment with
your Summertime gardening &/or hobby projects.

Edited in:
Another interesting thing about the purple pepper is that’s it’s  cream color on the inside.0prplppr