Wacky Wrap Saga

For those not too familiar with corner-2-corner (c2c) crochet, it starts off with a triangle and then when you reach the width you want, you can decide to either make it square or rectangle. The above photo is a picture of one of my more favorite c2c creations, a scarf I made in 2021 using a block stitch. I used ‘Lion Brand Yarn Ice Cream Big Scoop Yarn, Lemon Meringue’. It’s so soft. I made this scarf in honor of my Mom, she loved yellow and lemon in everything. ❤️

Now back to my Wacky Wrap Saga…
I had planned for my shawl to be a rectangle wrap done with a c2c v-stitch. It took a while for me to work the pattern out to get it to look promising.
It took me a few unravels, but finally it was working out to be a pretty good rectangle. I was so happy.
Yes, it went along pretty well, that is, until I reached the finishing point and needed to square-off the end.
And then, no matter what stitch-pattern I tried, it would not square off. I unraveled it four times and finally decided to let nature take its course. I decided to stop at the end of the 5th skein of yarn. I ended up with a finished wacky wrap.
72 inches long – 1st side.
60 inches long – 2nd side.
24 inches wide.
It’s not too awful looking.
My sister just pointed out that that my wacky wrap looks a bit like a pants pattern.😂
I like it. It’s quirky and has character.
It’s so soft.
I’ve already been using it.

Wishing you all a successful week and happy crafting!



Finished C2C Patchwork Blanket

Finished size is 74 inches x 74 inches
Size I crochet hook
4 skeins ‘I Love This Yarn’ Rosy cheeks color
4 skeins each color: sage, tan, bluebell, Red Heart ‘With Love’ Yarn
1 pound skein Caron Lace yarn for joining and border color. I didn’t use the full skein, it’s the yarn I’m using to join the rows of my Temperature Blanket.

I used Rosy Cheeks ‘I Love This Yarn’ (Hobby Lobby) because I’ve had several skeins that I bought about 8 years ago. This blanket was a good opportunity to clear most of it out of my yarn stash.
Just a note: Red Heart ‘With Love’ yarn has a rose color called Cameo.

This blanket is made with my adapted pattern of corner-to-corner stitch (c2c) to give it more texture.
I joined the blocks with the ivy-vine stitch I figured out for my Temperature Blanket.

I started this blanket the first week of October and finished it the 30th. I’ve had such an enjoyable time crocheting the blocks for this blanket. The colors are comforting and the yarns are soft.

My husband and Shelibean has staked a claim on my blanket. lol It’s a big soft warm blanket. It’s perfect for them to cover up with, while sitting in his lounge chair napping watching TV.

Wishing you all Happy Crafting
And a Very Happy November!

Work In Progress Wednesday – C2C Patchwork Blanket

I’m trying to thin down my yarn stash by making another good sized blanket. As it always goes, I had plenty of the rose and tan of the colors but had to order blue and sage skeins to finish it out. But it still reduced my stash by quite a bit.
I’ve been working on the squares since the first week of October. I’ve only a couple more to go before I start joining the blocks together.
I really like these colors together. I hope the blanket looks pretty good when completed and if it doesn’t, well at least it’ll be warm.

Wishing you a Happy rest of the week!




My Big Big Baby Blanket

Last Spring, I bought some Bernat Baby Sport yarn. I’ve not done anything with baby yarn and decided to give it a go. Well, I tried the yarn with plain & basket weave knitting, plain & basket weave loom knitting and then tried it with block & shells & simple crochet to no avail.
I did not like the way it worked up, so I put it away.

My mind couldn’t let the idea of using the yarn go, so after a few weeks, it occurred to me try a corner to corner (c2c) stitch. C2C is like a slanted type of brick stitch. It’s like the Crazy Stich only instead of straight across rows it’s done starting at the corner and making slanted rows. Years ago, I made a solid blanket using C2C I’ve not done anything with either stitch pattern in years.
The c2c worked okay, but I wasn’t satisfied with it until after I adjusted it to make the brick a bit tighter. Then, I had to think of something to make and decided to buy some tiny tulips Bernat Baby Sport yarn and make it kind of like a patch work blanket.
The blanket is about 60 inches x 72 inches (5×6 feet).
It’s a nice warm snuggly blanket. I’m very happy with it.
3 – 8.5 oz skeins Bernat Baby Sport yarn – Funny Prints
3 – 8.5 oz skein Bernat Baby Sport – Tiny Tulips
Part of a skein of white Bernat Baby Sport yarn
Size I crochet hook
I made 10 blue and 10 pink, 14 inch squares.
I whip stitched them together
I made a double crochet border with a single crochet around the border to finish it off.

Wishing you all Happy Crafting!