First Squash Harvest & Herb Garden

0-1squashI harvested my first green egg squash. It grew at sonic speed after the storm we had the night before. 0-2squashThe rule at our home is the first squash of the season should be fried, but since a few years ago we avoid greasy foods, so our first squash are stir fried instead of deep fried.0-3squashI picked some chard, green onions, onion chives, garlic chives, sweet basil and rosemary to add to the stir-fry along with orange peppers that I froze last gardening season. The stir fry was delicious.0-4squashWe grew everything in this stir fry, except for the olive oil that we used to stir fry the veggies. I think that’s awesome!chef

 Now for the reveal from the teaser in my ‘Friday in Green‘ post.

herbgardenWe got carried away with buying herbs and had no choice but to make an herb garden.
My husband picked out the cute birdbath for the center of the herb garden. We think Mickey and Minnie Mouse are so adorable. My husband planted some celosia flowers to add color to the herb garden.
I figure by fall, if the weather acts right, the herb garden should be quite productive.
I figure most of the herbs won’t survive a winter, but we’ll wait and see.

You may have noticed that I have 3 rosemary plants; the one in the pot that I’ve been posting about for awhile and 2 plants in the herb garden.
My brother sent me a ‘Rosemary Madeline’ plant for my herb garden. It’s supposed to be hardy in our growing zone. I hope it survives the winter and grows well.
My husband also bought a rosemary to grow in the herb garb garden. I don’t know what it is other than rosemary. Like the rosemary that I bought, in the produce department, it didn’t have any other name or variety info on it’s plant stake. I’ve checked several garden centers around here and they all grow/sell rosemary but none label what specific variety it is.P1000599aI originally planted peppermint and chocolate mint in the herb garden, but after reading up on the mints and how invasive a plant they can be, I transplanted them into pots and keep them on my porch. By-the-way, the chocolate mint smells like a andes mint or a york peppermint patty. I haven’t tasted it yet though. P1000500aYou can tell from the photo that my sweet basil and cinnamon basil are growing well. My lemon basil is the pot on the far right, it isn’t growing as fast. I’ve replanted the lemon basil seeds at least 5 times and only a few plants have come up. I believe there is something wrong with the seeds like they’re old or something. However, if the plants I have growing now survive they’ll be just fine for being greenery on my back-porch and maybe for flavoring a food from time-to-time.

Except for the herbs in our stir-fry, I haven’t used most of the other varieties. However, I’m planning to look up some recipes to try them out. I hope I can stick to my plan and maybe I’ll discover some tasty recipes.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

Volunteer Tomato Plants, Squash Blooms, rosemary & 4th attempt at sweet corn

P1000061aMy Gnome garden has the nicest crop of volunteer tomato plants. The funny thing about these super healthy plants is that we dug-up and moved the soil. Filtered out roots and anything else we could see. We put down black plastic in the flower bed and then put the dirt back in it. Over time we set up the birdbath, rain-chain and gnomes. I then planted the flowers. After a while I went to weed the garden and found around a dozen tomato plants growing. I think it’s funny how they seem to be planted with some intention next to the flowers.
I believe the plants to be a large cherry tomato variety, but I won’t be 100% sure until they produce an edible fruit. The tomatoes plants I’ve planted in this garden in the past grew super tall and gangly… sooo I’m not thrilled that these may weave my gnome garden into a viney mess. P1000061bI realize that some folks would’ve just pulled them up and tossed them, but I can’t do it, I wasn’t raised that way. I was raised that a volunteer veggie/flower is a gift and should be tended too with as much, if not more, care as if you planted it yourself.
We’ve been discussing what to do with the tomato plants and have decided we’ll probably move them to the big garden sometime soon.

Even though I’ve enjoyed growing squash for years (and have written a book about it,) Until this year, I didn’t think to pay attention to if different squash variety blooms were noticeably different.
P1000036I suppose the golden egg squash bloom in the photo below could be folding in for the day or not opened totally, but I  think there may be a difference in the varieties. I’ll keep an eye on them and see. P1000031

Below is a couple of squash photos just
because I think they’re pretty.P1000033P1000029

P1010500My rosemary is growing beautifully in it’s pretty red container and protective netting. I’m surprised that it’s thriving even though I take it inside every evening.

This next photo is of my Husband’s 4th planting and last ditch effort to grow sweet corn. He’s tried different varieties of sweet corn, but the crows, turkeys and dry weather have prevented any success of the corn growing.
My husband re-tilled the patch and planted new sweet corn seeds and then strung fluorescent twine around, in and over the patch. He’s hoping it may deter the critters long enough for some of the seeds to grow.P1000049In the upper right side of the photo you can see a healthy patch of corn and wonder why (as I do) that it hasn’t been feasted upon yet. It’s a decorative corn variety with different colors of kernels.
My husband planted some asparagus beans in with the decorative corn. Asparagus beans are a new variety for us. They’re supposed to grow to be 14 to 30 inches long. We thought it’d be a fun bean to try to grow and eat. P1000045 My husband thinks it’s the decorative corn variety itself that has deterred the pests so far. I think he may be right. But I also think the deer may be saving it for when they have they’re babies and need some extra nourishment for their nursing fawn.
Whatever the reason for this grace period of growing, We figure that the corn and beans could be dined upon at any time. They’ve dined on our main bean patch so who knows what the deal is.
None-the-less, We keep calm and garden on. Maybe we’ll at least have one mess of corn and beans of some variety. If we don’t, it ain’t because my dedicated husband didn’t give it an all-star try.

Take care & have a great weekend of sunshine & smiles.