Evil Demon Squash Vine Borer Grub

IMG_3119In mid June I harvested several of my one ball squash. One of my favorite things about these squash are They keep a good long time on the counter with no need of refrigeration.

This 4th of July weekend, I was walking past the counter and looked down and saw Frass piled up on one of the squash I had harvested in mid-June.

I was not happy. Who’d of thought a squash vine borer could be in the stem alive after almost a month of the squash sitting on the counter.

I cut the grub out of the stem, took photos for this post and squished the little devil.IMG_3187IMG_3201

That grub means that my squash vines probably are on borrowed time. In a very short while the main vines in the garden will probably start dying. It makes me so made I could say something very unladylike.

The Squash Vine Borer is one of the most evil bugs in the garden because it’s almost impossible to do anything about them.

Here’s a photo of an adult Squash Vine Borersvb

I hope you all are having productive season
with no major infestations of pests.

Happy Gardening!IMG_2530icon3



8 thoughts on “Evil Demon Squash Vine Borer Grub

    • Yep Nadine, joys in deed. lol.
      There’s not many dull moments in gardening and one learns so much about creepy crawlies and critters. 🙂


    • Hi Charlotte,
      I read that the Squash vine borer finds the plants because of the yellow bloom. I disagree with that because I’ve seen the svb lay eggs before there was any blooms in the garden. The same with the horned or leaf-footed squash bugs, I believe they follow a scent or a squash-vine-pheromone or something.
      I hope you’re able to control the nasty squash bugs. I’ve had to toss 6 of my plants so far. I wish you luck with your squash. 🙂


  1. Well, at least it has good taste! We used to get those little boogers, or something similar that would kill the vine. Gardening is not for the faint of heart!

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