2015 WP Weekly Photo Challenge – Half and Half & Close Up – Blue Moon one day early

WordPress Weekly Photo Challenge

~Half and Half~~Close Up~

IMG_4435 Yesterday evening 7-31-2015 around 8 pm,  we were coming home from town and saw a magnificent moon glowing beautifully against the blue sky. When we got home, I grabbed my camera and we went for a drive to try and get a photo of the gorgeous moon. My camera doesn’t do very well in low light, but I clicked away in hopes of capturing at least one fairly decent photo. The moon actually looked like a small sun in my photos of the horizon.

IMG_4441I focused in on the moon about half-full zoom, when I clicked the photo, the blue skies disappeared and and the moon glowed against the black of space. I don’t understand why? Nor do I understand why in the dimness of nightfall, on full-zoom, my camera picked up the terrain of the moon as well as it did. I thought sure it would be a blurry mess. My camera is a Canon SX500 IS and My photos aren’t NASA quality, but I’m happy with them.

Click on this photo to open open up a larger photo

Click on this photo to open open up a larger photo

Anyhow, I loaded the photos on my computer and decided that a moon so big and bright had to have some significance, I looked it up on a search engine and discovered that there is a blue moon predicted for tonight Friday 31, July. Cool, that explains why the moon was so brilliant last night, Thursday, 30 July. It was just preparing for tonight.

As I looked at my moon photos, I thought they would sort-of do for the challenges of “Half and Half” & “Close Up”… (and since I missed quite a few weeks of the WP Weekly Photo Challenge, I’m happy to join in with this posting.)


Wishing you all fun with the WP photo challenge!z00m

*A blue moon is is an additional full moon that appears in a subdivision of a year. Wiki: Blue Moonspacer2