Aluminum Foil Decor on a PineCone Tree

p1100490This pinecone is painted green and decorated with aluminum foil balls and garland. My Grandson suggested that it needed glitter to make it more festive. I used oodles of glitter and also glitter paint on it. Apparently, my glitter and the glitter are both light weight versions because they don’t show up as well as they should for as much as I used. The tree base is a bag made with bakeable bread clay. I baked it and coated it with modpodge. I added a stretchy silver ribbon to finish it.

I’m not very happy with this tree. It looks okay in real life, but nothing special.  I’m thinking about re-decorating it sometime.

I wish you all sparkly happy days!





Acorns in a PineCone Tree

I made a ‘Acorns in a PineCone Tree’ holiday tree.p1100235

I painted the pinecone green and then painted white on the tips of its seed scales.
The acorns were left on the ground by squirrels so I didn’t feel bad about using them. I painted the acorns with sparkly red fingernail polish and painted their caps with mod-podge. I hot-glued the acorns to the pinecone.acrnpncnI sculpted the bag base from homemade bakeable bread clay. I painted it with ‘Apple Barrel’ paint and a coat of mod-podge. I hot-glued the pinecone tree to the bread-clay bag base. I tied a piece of red yarn around the bag for a bow.brdbgs

Wishing you all a happy week!


November Wreath


The wreath base is made from old papers and covered in raffia.
The decorations on the wreath are stuff from around the yard: acorns, pine needles, straw, pine-cones and leaves

The leaves are real too, but they feel like a plastic or a light-weight vinyl. They look better in real life.
I wish they hadn’t reflected the flash so much.

I picked the leaves, laid them out on a piece of cardboard and covered them with paper towels and a heavy book. I left them for a day or two.
I painted each leaf with 3 coats of outdoor mod-podge, Allowing the leaves to dry thoroughly between coats.
After a few weeks and the glue totally cures out, the leaves don’t feel real anymore. It’s pretty neat when that happens.

Sending you all positive thoughts and warm wishes.t120002


Here’s why I’m postinging a ‘Wreath of the Month’ for every month of 2014.


DIY Photo Jar Vase

I did an experiment to see if I could make a vase using a photo glued to the inside of a jar.

sealglueI used Mod-Podge Outdoor Exterior Glue to glue the photo on the inside of the jar.
I let the first coat dry for a few hours and then put on a heavy second coat.
I forgot about let the jar sit a few weeks.
I covered the jar with cling wrap and put painters tape around the top.
I took the jar outside away from the house and sprayed the inside of the jar with Flex Seal.
I let the jar sit over night to allow the flex-seal to dry.
The next day I removed the tape and cling wrap.
I tied a gingham ribbon around the rim of the jar, filled it with water and put some flowers in it.
I’m happy to report that this experiment worked out quite well.

Here’s hoping all your experiments have positive results.
Have a great week!