Aluminum Foil Decor on a PineCone Tree

p1100490This pinecone is painted green and decorated with aluminum foil balls and garland. My Grandson suggested that it needed glitter to make it more festive. I used oodles of glitter and also glitter paint on it. Apparently, my glitter and the glitter are both light weight versions because they don’t show up as well as they should for as much as I used. The tree base is a bag made with bakeable bread clay. I baked it and coated it with modpodge. I added a stretchy silver ribbon to finish it.

I’m not very happy with this tree. It looks okay in real life, but nothing special.  I’m thinking about re-decorating it sometime.

I wish you all sparkly happy days!





10 thoughts on “Aluminum Foil Decor on a PineCone Tree

  1. I’ll have to try the aluminum foil balls. I have a table top tree that is about 2 feet tall, and I am always looking for little crafty things to put on it!

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    • Thanks Margie
      I know it’ll shiny and pretty. I like the smaller trees. They’re fun to decorate and take up such little space. 🙂


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