Update on bee fan fob nursery

IMG_3475One of fan fob nurseries has hatched out.

I wanted to see what the bloom of a sweet basil herb looked like so I’ve let one of the plants fully mature. I was looking at the bloom when I saw a little bee on it. I wondered if it may have been the fan-fob-bee since the basil sits on a table under the fans.

I don’t know what kind of bee it is on the bloom or if it’s what hatched out of the fan fob. Unfortunately, I couldn’t get a good photo of it, but here’s a couple photos just the same. 😉IMG_3479


Wishing you all a day of Bee-uaty and smiles.





Mason Bee Fan Chain Fob Nursery

IMG_3011This Spring we replaced the ceiling fans on our back porch. One afternoon, I noticed a bee crawling into the holes of the pull chain fob. It kind of looked like a honeybee and I thought it might be out grazing as some bees and wasps do. I thought no more about it.

A couple days later my husband and I was on the back-porch and I mentioned to him about the bee. My husband said, “Well that explains what the mud in the holes are. They were building nest.”

“What mud?” I asked and then looked up saw the fob hole was filled with mud.IMG_3009Both lower chains on both fans have the hole filled with mud. The upper chains don’t have it though, so evidently something about the lower chain fobs was perfect for a nursery.

We left the mud in the holes. We use the chains like normal.
I’m thinking it was Mason Bees that made the mud nurseries.
I suspect one day we’ll go outside and see the mud bored through and HOPEFULLY we’ll probably not see the baby bees.

Has Mason bees ever built a nest in something like this at your home?
Here’s hoping all your bee encounters are friendly ones.