Old Timey Apple Pie

applepie-1My husband has been reminicing about the homemade apple pies that I used to make. He talked enough to get me wanting an apple pie. I bought a bag of apples and got out my ‘Old Timey Apple Pie’ Recipe. I was particurilarly excited about making a pie because I finally figured out how to make the lattice pie crust and wanted to try it out. It wasn’t as hard to do as I once thought. I used to make the solid pie crust top.

We enjoyed the pie… However, if I ever make it again, I will have to adjust the recipe because it was way too sweet. That’s the thing about the old timey recipes, some are sugar-heavy, this recipe calls for 1 1/2 cups.

All-in-all, it was a pretty decent pie. We enjoyed it over the course of a few days. I enjoyed making the pie and plan to make another one someday with adjustments to the recipe, or maybe another recipe all together.

I hope you all have an enjoyable week.



Cherry Cheese-Devine

IMG_3549aThis is a photo of a small slice of cheesecake with a large fresh cherry on the top and basil garnish.
The cheesecake is a store-brand box-mix that we like quite well. It’s simple and quick to make. It’s one of my top favorite desserts. I’ve eaten cheesecake in many different restaurants and the thing about cheesecake that’s always been a bit of a curiosity to me is why it’s called cheesecake because truly it’s not a cake. Cheese-pie might fit, but it’s not really a pie either. I think there should be a different word for cheesecake… maybe cheese-devine. Yep, that might work. 😉

What’s your favorite dessert?

Wishing you all a week of sweet thoughts.

The Pie of Disappointment

0-IMG_6518Here’s A Quick overview so you can decide if you want to read my long rambling post or not:
I had this grand idea that a fruit cream pie would be a wonderful rare sweet treat.
The pie looked better than it turned out.
Tastewise it was a big disappointed.

Read on to learn the rambling details:

I surfed the net and found a recipe that had lots of raves and seemed to be just the pie for me to make. It was a simple pie and best of all was totally made in a blender except for the fruit.

As I began to make the recipe the 2 cups of milk and 4 eggs gave me cause for pause as did the cup of sugar, I thought it way-to-much, but since I was already into the recipe I continued on. I was right, with the other ingredients it was too much liquid for one 10 inch pie plate, so I put some of the mix 2 ramekins… (imo even a deep-dish pie-plate would probably be filled to overflowing.) The mix was so thin, I didn’t see how it could possibly cook thoroughly…IMG_6497

I added some fruit and baked the pie at the recommended 45 minutes. It looked pretty good and so did the ramekins. The ramekin pies were done, but unfortunately the pie wasn’t done, it had to bake 20 minutes longer.IMG_6500

I set the ramekins aside and let them cool during the 20 extra minutes I baked the pie. I decided to give the a ramekin pie a taste, It tasted like scrambled eggs with a ton of sugar in them. Yuck! So I scrapped the pie from the ramekins and tossed it in the trash.

I had higher hopes for the pie as it had the fruit in it. The pie baked up beautifully. It sure looked tasty. Even my husband said it was looked really pretty.IMG_6511

I put it in the fridge to cool overnight. It wasn’t as pretty as it was fresh out of the oven, but I still had hope. It sliced easily and surprisingly came out of the pie-plate in good form. I took some photos and then grabbed a fork to taste it.IMG_6518

Oddly, if it wasn’t for the fruit it would have had no redeeming quality. The fruit was good but the filling around it was rubbery scrambled eggs and way too sugary. I didn’t even finish the slice. Into the trash it went.

All I can say is, I tried. I’m not happy about wasting all the ingredients. But I did learn to better pay attention to my cooking instincts.
Oh yes and also, even if a recipe has good reviews it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s worth trying,

Well, anyhow, at least the photos turn out pretty.

Wishing you all a great rest of the week?

Friday Five – Triops, Screech, Sheli & stuff

There be dinosaurs here. Yep, my Grandson and I are growing dinosaurs, well, sort of. We’re growing Triops (tadpole shrimp) fairy shrimp from a Smithsonian kit. The Triops are considered to be living fossils since their fossil records date back from 200 million years or more.
When these critters hatched they were so tiny they were almost microscopic and could only be seen with a magnifying glass. Three days later they were a smidge bigger and I made a video of them. They’re the tiny smudges swimming around. I put a ruler behind the tank so you can kind of see how tiny they are.
There seems to be some issues with my  Not-Triops video loading. If it doesn’t load you may want to check back later. I figure YouTube is swamped with surfers and that causing some of the issues.

~edited in 12-27-2014~

I made some changes to the title and description of my video because my commenters on Youtube identified the shrimp as fairy shrimp and not triops.
~I originally thought these were Triops, tadpole shrimp because I used a Smithsonian Sea Monster Kit (that says Triops is what’s supposed to hatch.)
Last week, Within the first 24 hours of putting the egg-moss in the water, there were oodles of teeny-tiny almost microscopic critters that hatched out.
I’m guessing there were triops in the hatching, but the fairy shrimp were the stronger and they survived.
I’m going to try again to hatch some Triops using another Smithsonian Sea Monster Kit… maybe with luck a few Triops will hatch and survive.
IMG_7667Even though the weather has turned super cold, Screech is still here most of the time. We were surprised when he showed back up last fall. We’re happy he’s still hanging around.
IMG_8169Sheli has enjoyed napping ‘neath the Christmas tree these past couple weeks. Surprisingly he hasn’t tried to chew up any of the holiday decor. He’s such a cutie-pie I couldn’t resist taking a photo…
soft puppy, warm puppy, little ball of fur 2

IMG_8464After all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, I figure most of us have earned a few moments to relax and unwind from the stress… and what better way to relax then with a treat that requires no cooking or baking… just mix 4 ingredients together and then enjoy or put in the fridge to enjoy later. Either way it’s a tasty treat.
Can of crushed pineapple, can of cherry pie filling, box of jello cheese cake pudding mix & whip cream. You could use other pie fillings in this instead of cherry. I think blueberry would be fun and I think apple pie filling might be yummy too.
Here’s a link to the recipe with the amounts needed of each ingredient and tutorial from the Country Cook. Cherry Pie Fluff

IMG_7845The other day, as I was taking groceries out of the trunk of our car, I saw a sticker on the side of the trunk. It’s a curious thing to me and I wonder what it means. I’ve asked several people and so far no one knows.
I think the no-gas part means not to put gas in the trunk, but the other part of the sticker is a bit odd. What does the exclamation point on a book mean?
I thought I’d share it here and see if any of my Blogging Buddies or Readers know and will help solve my mystery.
0rangespacer2This wraps it up for me for this week.
I hope you all had a joyous holiday and are getting ready for a wonderful new year.

b0614Wishing you all a fabulous weekend.