Cherry Cheese-Devine

IMG_3549aThis is a photo of a small slice of cheesecake with a large fresh cherry on the top and basil garnish.
The cheesecake is a store-brand box-mix that we like quite well. It’s simple and quick to make. It’s one of my top favorite desserts. I’ve eaten cheesecake in many different restaurants and the thing about cheesecake that’s always been a bit of a curiosity to me is why it’s called cheesecake because truly it’s not a cake. Cheese-pie might fit, but it’s not really a pie either. I think there should be a different word for cheesecake… maybe cheese-devine. Yep, that might work. 😉

What’s your favorite dessert?

Wishing you all a week of sweet thoughts.

6 thoughts on “Cherry Cheese-Devine

  1. It looks very good this morning. I would probably say cheesecake is my favorite dessert but I don’t eat it often at all. And that makes it all the more special. I also love creme brulee. Favorite dessert right now… strawberries!

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    • Thanks Pix
      I’ve not had any creme brulee but it sounds divine. You can’t go wrong with strawberries they’re a delicious healthy treat. 🙂


  2. A favorite dessert…I have lots of favorites, but I guess ice cream tops the list. I love blackberry cobbler, but I call that dinner. 😉

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