Evil Demon Squash Vine Borer Grub

IMG_3119In mid June I harvested several of my one ball squash. One of my favorite things about these squash are They keep a good long time on the counter with no need of refrigeration.

This 4th of July weekend, I was walking past the counter and looked down and saw Frass piled up on one of the squash I had harvested in mid-June.

I was not happy. Who’d of thought a squash vine borer could be in the stem alive after almost a month of the squash sitting on the counter.

I cut the grub out of the stem, took photos for this post and squished the little devil.IMG_3187IMG_3201

That grub means that my squash vines probably are on borrowed time. In a very short while the main vines in the garden will probably start dying. It makes me so made I could say something very unladylike.

The Squash Vine Borer is one of the most evil bugs in the garden because it’s almost impossible to do anything about them.

Here’s a photo of an adult Squash Vine Borersvb

I hope you all are having productive season
with no major infestations of pests.

Happy Gardening!IMG_2530icon3



Fixing-to-get-ready for the 2015 Gardening season

Harvest 6-22-2014

Harvest 6-22-2014

We originally hadn’t planned to have a garden this year. We had decided to take a year or more off from gardening. We were both looking forward to not worrying with the work and responsibilities of gardening…

Then during one long dark boring winter evening we realized that Summer daylight hours are really long too. Other than yard maintenance and sitting on the back porch watching Shelibean chase bugs, we were headed for a very boring inactive Summer. We figure we need exercise and since we’re not much for athletics or any of the extreme walking nonsense, we decided to have a garden once again.

We plan on our garden being small, but that could change… and it always does…
We’re making plans and looking forward to tilling the soil, planting, weeding, harvesting and eating the produce of our labor… Yeah!
IMG_8937Last week I ordered a new supply of One Ball squash seeds. They arrived last Monday.
At our house, round squash has became a tradition. Now, I’m ready for garden season and purchasing the other seeds and plants we’ll try to grow.

One Ball Squash

One Ball Squash

So folks, get ready for another year of repetitive anecdotes and unprofessional garden photos straight from my home-place posted here on my blog. Lucky you. 😉gardening

I hope you all are looking ahead and making
plans to spend time outdoors this Spring.


Round Squash Fun

IMG_3911Normally when I start posting about our squash harvest, I would begin with recipes, but this time I’ve decided to start with a bit of fun with my squash.

Since the larger round squash can keep for a few weeks on the counter, I enjoy using them for decorating.
IMG_3943A bit of netting wrapped around a squash and a bit of shiny ribbon makes the squash a bit fancy or a bit slutty. I haven’t decided yet. lol
I think it makes a cheerful and different piece of decor.
IMG_3927In honor of 4th of July coming soon, I set a squash on a mason jar and dressed it as an Uncle Sam character. I drew his eyes and mouth on sticker paper so i could remove them easily from the squash. I put a hat on it and then put a bit of polyfil under each side of the hat for sideburns. I glued some polyfil to a piece of sticker paper and then stuck it on the squash for a beard. The patriotic bow pulls it all together nicely, I think.
IMG_3913I thought I’d go ahead and waste a squash since I have so many. I made a light out of it. It looks really pretty in real life.  I cut out the top of the squash to use as a cap for it.  I hollowed out the squash and drilled holes in it. I put a piece of plastic on the inside on the bottom so the moisture won’t get in the tea light and short it out. I then put a battery operated tea light in the squash and put the cap on it. It looks charming.
To store it when not in use: I remove the tea light from the squash, then wrapped the squash in plastic wrap and keep it in the refrigerator.  When I’m done with it, after a couple of days, I’ll throw it away.

If you use squash or pumpkins as decor, Be sure to check them every day so you can dispose of them when they go bad.

Why is it with squash, it’s either feast or famine. Just look at the big pile of squash we have picked over the past week and a half.
6-22-2014-weeksharvestWe’ve already given the neighbors so much they won’t take anymore. lol  It’s been a good year for squash so far. Sadly, It could end any day because of weather or pests. So, I’m enjoying them while I can.

Remember to have some fun and play with your food every now and then.

Wishing you all a terrific Tuesday.