1st One Ball Squash of 2015

IMG_2530Here’s my 1st squash harvest. I picked this little jewel to slice up and put on a pizza.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t taste the squash at all on the pizza because of all the other toppings and seasonings. Oh well, I tried.

Wishing you all a great week!IMG_2530icon3spgrnbgln

14 thoughts on “1st One Ball Squash of 2015

  1. E.C. Your garden looks great! I am jealous! It got so hot so quickly here this year, that none of my veggies did well. Oh well. I love seeing your goodies! ❤

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    • Thanks Nadine
      The squash are squishy after they’re baked. It’s really a wonder that Squash became such a part of our food-chain considering how squishy they get when cooked. But if done right, they taste so good. 🙂


    • Hi Dianna,
      I think the crookneck, straight-neck and one ball all tastes similarly delicious… so I asked my husband for his opinion and he said that he prefers the one ball and it has a better taste than the crookneck.
      We both agree that the green round squash have almost no taste at all, that’s why I quit growing them.
      Maybe someday the farmers will grow some ball squash to sell mass market and you’ll get a chance to try it… or you could grow you one or 2 one ball squash vines in your flower beds. That’d be pretty. 🙂


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