Happy May 2018

Happy May to you all.
Nice warm weather has finally came (for the most part)
I didn’t think Spring-like weather would ever
get here and stay for more than a day.

I hope you all are thawed-out and looking
forward to a few months of pleasant weather.



Daffodils startingto grow

My daffodils have had enough winter. They’re trying to grow now. I hope they’ll be blooming soon. And then, I suppose, we may have another snow. I say this because I was raised with the saying, “snow lays at least once on daffodil blooms.”

Wishing everyone warm weather
and positive signs of Spring.


Spring Signs

0-buttersI went for a walk to see the signs of spring during our oddly warm days. I was surprised to see a buttefly. The weather has been gorgeous. The trees and flowers are budding and growing.
We could still have some freezing weather this winter. It’s a long time until last frost.
My mini-daffodils are blooming and there is an old saying about ‘snow falling on daffodils once’… but since mine aren’t the classic kind, they may not count. Meanwhile, we’ll enjoy the pleasant weather while it’s here.0-dafi

Wishing you all a pleasant week.