The best gift (& Heart Redwork Block)

1-7-2014rwI’ve chosen my heart redwork block for today. It represents the love between me and my husband, the love of family and friends and our thankfulness for one of the best holiday gifts we could could receive: the gift of life.

Last November my husband survived a widow-maker heart attack. There’s only about 3 to 5 percent that survive a widow-maker.
It truly is a miracle that my husband survived. He had to have a quadruple bypass surgery and came through it like a champ.
I thank the good Lord above for the wonderful medical advances and the caring Doctors, nurses and staff that helped him through each day.

My husband has kept a positive attitude and thankfulness all through this. Even when he was suffering severe pain, he still managed to smile and be in good humor.
The Doctors and nurses complimented him on his cheery and positive attitude. They told him that ‘they would love it if all their patients were like him.’

I’m in awe of my husband and his wonderful disposition, he’s a joy and delight and  my special miracle.  I know that I couldn’t go through the pain and stress that he’s been through and come out shining like he has. I would be a whiny miserable mess. It’s been amazing watching his progress starting from hour to hour, day to day, week to week and now he’s back to almost 100%.

From day one of when this all started we agreed to deal with what was before us from moment-to-moment. We focused on his healing and looked forward to ‘our new normal’ days ahead. The rest of the world could take care of itself.

God blessed us with what we needed when we needed it.
We saw the best of family and friends. They were our troops as they rushed to our sides in support to help us through.
I thank our family and friends from the bottom of my heart.

My sister and her family went above and beyond the call of family-duty. With love and caring they blessed us. My sister never left my side until my husband was home for a couple days. She made sure we had everything we needed before she would leave. Her dedication and attentiveness to us is awe inspiring. We can never repay her and her family nor thank them enough. I thank God for first making us sisters and then making us best friends. Thank you so very much my Bff.

Yesterday was supposed to be my husband’s first day back at work but the weather turned vicious and his boss closed the business for the day.
So, Today was my husband’s first day back at work. He said it went well and he’s happy to be back.

We are now in the days of new normal and looking forward to many decades of happiness ahead.

I apologize to you all for my abrupt absence. I hope you all understand why I needed to be away so long.
Now that our life is evening out, I’ve a bit more free time and I’m going to try to get back to blogging more regular.

I hope your holidays were pleasant and the New Year is starting off with promises of many celebrations to come in 2014.

Wishing you and your family the best of the best all year through.


2 thoughts on “The best gift (& Heart Redwork Block)

  1. Aw….I’m so glad your hubby has made a complete recovery, EC, and so glad that you had family and friends there to help you both when you needed it. I love that gorgeous photo!
    Welcome back to the blogosphere, my friend! I missed you!


    • Thanks so very Dianna.
      I’m happy to be back blogging. I’ve missed you too.
      Thanks so much for your friendship and kindness.
      You’re a peach. 🙂


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