Iceball Decor


Here’s a simple craft I’ve been wanting to try since a couple years ago when I heard about it from one of my nieces. The reason I didn’t try it is because up until this year, we didn’t really have a decent snowfall (and also I forgot. lol)
But this year, we have a fairly decent snowfall with single digit temps, I thought it was a perfect time to try it.

All you need to make these cool looking ice-balls is:
food coloring

The only actual food coloring I have is the gel kind and I doubt it would do very well. However, last Spring I bought some Easter egg dye kits because they were 50¢ and I thought I might use them someday. I decided to use the dye tablets.

I mixed up the dye tablets in water
then poured it in a flimsy water bottle
I put the balloon lip over the rim of the bottle
iceball2Holding the bottle over the sink
iceball3I held my fingers on the bottle and balloon to keep the balloon
from popping off and spewing the water everywhere.

With my other hand I crushed the bottle
and the liquid went into the balloon.

iceball4This worked like a charm, but it was messy.

I surfed around to see if other folks might have a less messy way to make balloon ice-balls. And of course they did:
Several of them tell to fill the balloons with water and add the food coloring…
Do Not try it that order or you’ll wind up like I did with a big mess…
Do it in this order instead:
*Put the drops of food coloring in the balloon first and then put the balloon over your faucet, hold the lip tight and add the water.

I decided to try it their way and Since I only have the dye tablets I crushed one up and put it in about a tablespoon of water and used it like regular food coloring.
I used yellow, so I suspect that my balls of ice won’t be very brilliant, but may look okay anyway.

I sat the balloons outside on the porch and left them over night anf they froze solid.
iceball7I like how the balloons cracked open but were still holding their shape to the ice balls. iceball7iceball8

I peeled of the balloons then set the ice-balls out in the snow.


I still have a few dye tablets left, so I’ll be able to make more of these sometime.

This is all for me at the moment.
Keep warm and snug during these cold winter days.
Remember to ‘Keep Calm and Craft On’


4 thoughts on “Iceball Decor

  1. Well, although that does look like a bit of work, they’re so beautiful! I noticed them in your header last night, and wondered what they were. We rarely get snow, so who knows when I’d ever get to try them?? Thanks for sharing!


    • Thanks Dianna,
      I noticed on the internet that some folks make iceb-alls in their freezer in the summer time and then let their children play with them outside.
      I think that would’ve been fun when I was a young’un.

      I’m redecorating my blog again so who knows what’ll end up looking like. lol


  2. E.C. it’s so good to know you’re blogging again. I have wondered how things were going for you and your family. These are so pretty! Clean and safe project!

    Thanks for your comment about the puzzles; they are fun and a lot of stores have them on clearance now. Mine came from Atwoods.


    • Hey Charlotte,
      It’s wonderful to see you. I’m glad you like the ice-balls. They added a bit of fun to the snowy cold day. I think kids would love them.

      You’re very welcome. Thanks for that great puzzle idea. I hadn’t thought of looking for clearance ones. I’m going to look some this weekend. I hope I can find some. I love puzzles and they’re great time fillers. I think they’re also supposed to help increase memory too and I need that desperately. 😉


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