Putting Strawberry Bread to the test

It’s 50° this gray dreary rainy Tuesday. I have chicken stroganoff in the slow cooker cooking for supper and I just made a fresh loaf of Strawberry Bread.

I’ve been wanting to do a test at baking using some the foodstuffs we’ve switched too and this Strawberry Bread was the perfect recipe to try them on. First I had to half the recipe. Why do folks create such big recipes? Anyway, Plain flour, baking soda and cinnamon were the only original ingredients from the recipe that I used. For the rest I replaced them with olive oil, egg maker (liquid eggs), mix of sugar/splenda, lite salt. The batter was so thick that I added some 1% milk and I then added a bit of vanilla for good measure. lol So really I made a new recipe today. I like that.
The finished bread smells wonderful, looks nice and tastes really good to me. I’m really happy with my success of this bread. I hope my hubby likes it too. If my hubby likes it, I’ll put the recipe in my keeper folder for future use.

I hope your test recipes turn out successful and
your homes are filled with aroma of home-cooking.

Wishing you a pleasant rest of the day.


2-5-2014- edited in:
I’m happy to say that my husband loved my Strawberry Bread and even carried a couple slices to work in his lunch today. 🙂
I’m so happy, I have another recipe to make from time to time. I just love it when my recipes turn out well.


6 thoughts on “Putting Strawberry Bread to the test

  1. Thanks Dianna. Sounds like we’re having a dreary week.
    I love my slow cooker, it’s the most inexpensive and handy kitchen appliance we’ve ever bought.


  2. This sounds like a tasty bread! I’ve never tried making strawberry bread, but have a wonderful blueberry/banana bread recipe.
    I use my slow cooker a lot, especially for Sunday meals when I don’t have time to cook much before going to church.


  3. Thanks Charlotte
    Blueberry/banana bread sounds delicious. I’m going to cut my recipe in half and make a small loaf of blueberry bread today. I love blueberries, unfortunately my hubby doesn’t like them very much.
    We like banana breads and raisin breads, but they give us tummy troubles. So I’ve been in search of a new recipe and this one sort of fell together.
    I’m happy to say that my husband loved y Strawberry Bread and even carried a couple slices to work in his lunch today.
    Aren’t slow cookers a blessing. I’m a relative recent user of only a couple years. I wonder how I made it without one all those decades before. lol
    If you want my recipe, I’ll email it to you. Just let me know. 🙂


    • Hey Barb
      Thanks so much. I hope you’ll give it a try. New recipes are somewhat scary but it’s a joy when they turn out right. 🙂


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