Happy Groundhog Day 2014!

2-4-2014- There’s a couple of them furry pampered varmints that saw their shadows… but since there wasn’t a ray of sunshine to be found in our neck of the woods, we’ve decided that our resident groundhogs couldn’t possibly of seen their shadows and so we’re going to pray for have early warm weather anyway. 🙂


Happy Groundhog Day!
Wishing you all an Early Spring
Regardless of what the critter
for your region says!

When You’re Feelin’
Like Ya Just Can’t Win,
It’s Time Then,
Lift Up Your Chin,
Crack A Grin,
And Dance With My
GroundHog Friends.

dms 2-01


2 thoughts on “Happy Groundhog Day 2014!

  1. We have a groundhog in our community ~ Hagarville Hank. I haven’t heard if he saw his shadow, but I don’t see how he could; we’ve had snow and sleet and clouds ALL day.


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