Misc Monday

IMG_7414We were shopping at our local department store and my husband decided that our Shelibean deserved a new toy since he hadn’t got one in a couple weeks (since our toy fake-off plan). So he picked out a fuzzy ground hog type critter that makes a pig grunty sound. Sheli was thrilled to get the new toy. And even though it’s about half his size he played and played with it. He had a jolly romp with it this morning on his favorite rug. I tried to snap a few photos, but they mostly blurred except for this one. IMG_7407We went to an everything-for-a-buck store this weekend. I discovered, They have bags of some sort of moss. I thought it may be something I could use in one of my crafts, so I got a bag of it and put in a little store-tote-basket. After shopping a bit, we went to the check out.
The clerk was having a jolly good time laughing and cutting up with a co-worker and discussing their wonderful food choices at a restaurant they’d been too.
I put the tote-basket on the counter and she began ringing up our items like an other normal checker would do.
When she picked up this bag of moss she did something odd, in a loud rude voice she asks, “You two aren’t going to smoke this are you?” she sternly looks at my husband and at me.
It embarrassed us. I quickly replied in just as loud a snarky voice, “No! I’m going to glue it on a wreath!”
She smirked and repeated in a lower voice, “Glue it on a wreath!”
My husband and I looked at each other and shook our heads, but didn’t respond.
She rang up the moss and in a quieter slightly confused voice she repeated, “Glue it on a wreath?” and she looked at me like she wanted me to explain.
0123meI didn’t say a word. I just smiled and gave her a ‘knowing look’.  I wasn’t about to dignify her rudeness by giving her an explanation.
Anyway, I realize we could have reported her to the company, but we pick our battles carefully. I try to keep my husband from getting too stressed because he’s still healing and recovering. So to me, It just didn’t seem worth wasting a perfectly good day out of our life to teach her some manners.
We laughed about it and let it go.

IMG_7363-2On a more positive note: Back in November when my husband had heart surgery, our 8 year old great niece is a sweetheart and when she found out about my husband having to have surgery she gave him a 4 leaf clover that she’d found and preserved. I bought a frame for it this weekend and have it proudly displayed. We love our great niece and this precious reminder of the sweet innocence of a child sending her Great Uncle an extra bit of luck and love to get well soon. (I edited their names out of the photo. 😉 )


How was your weekend?
I hope it was pleasant and you had a laugh or two.
Have a great week.



8 thoughts on “Misc Monday

  1. One of my biggest pet peeves is having a checker comment on my purchases, even if the comments are nice like, ‘you eat healthy,’ as my produce is handled. The first thing they should teach a checker is to steer clear of all comments when it comes to purchases. BTW, I love that moss. I put it over the soil in my potted plants to keep it moist.


    • Thanks Renee
      I’m 100% in agreement with you. I believe it should be mandatory for clerks to take an oath to keep their comments to themselves over our purchases. It’s so annoying!
      Thanks for the helpful hint on the moss. I don’t have any potted plants right now, but I will have them this summer and using the moss sounds like it would be a big help to keep them moist. 🙂


  2. I would have replied “Only if we run out of crack” just to see how they reacted. I hate stupid comments at the checkout though, and the only thing worse than an unwanted commentary on your shopping is when they are working from a script, particularly to upsell a particular item. I bought a small quantity of ribbon because it was on sale and was asked if I wanted “batteries to go with that.” I said “no thank you, these are solar powered ribbons” and the girl just nodded and gave me my change!


    • Thanks Bamcrafts
      Welcome to my blog.
      lol I can only imagine the reaction that crack remark would’ve gotten.
      Oh my goodness. Sounds like a regular rocket-scientist was running the register that day. Makes you wonder doesn’t it?
      Thanks for visiting and leaving me a comment.
      I hope you’ll visit again sometime.


  3. That check-out chick should have minded her own business and not get personal with your purchases, but I’m glad your chose not to let it spoil your nice day out.
    The sentiment of the four leaf clover is beautiful.


  4. Thanks Barb
    Almost losing my husband was a life changer on what’s important. A nice day is an extra blessing and not to be wasted on negativity.
    Our niece has a beautiful heart. I hope as she grows that she’ll keep her positive and loving outlook on life. 🙂


  5. I’m not sure how I missed this post….. Anyway, I, too, don’t think checkers should comment on purchases. I’ve had them say: “Well, this is an interesting combination”, which I guess is benign enough.


    • Hey Dianna
      Ironically, just found your reply. lol I guess we both had bad timing with this one.
      I agree about checkers. They really shouldn’t comment on purchases.
      Maybe someday they’ll get training to keep they’re opinions to themselves.
      Thanks for your comment. I’m sorry I missed replying before now.


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